Thursday, October 25, 2012

When is 2000 Coppers Not 2000 Coppers? When Its an Ingot!

Last night I played in a short session of Blood & Treasure run by Keith Davies, prolific blogger, G+ poster and writer of gaming thoughts. Keith was experimenting with a node based megadungeon style play.

While exploring a partially ruined tower, and after defeating the "Edward Scissors Hands" mechanical golem, we came across a 5' long magical device that took in metals and shat of metal ingots.

Damn frigging cool!

So, this thing and the golem were scavenging pipes, and some were copper, and it had crapped out a number of copper ingots (and other metals, but who was really paying attention to anything but the copper?)

So of course, my Dwarven thief had to know how much the copper bars weighed - 20#'s according to Keith.

How many coins per pound are we running with? 100 coins per pounds he says.

Or, as Keith writes it up much better than I:

Whereupon the following conversation ensued:

Erik: how many ingots are there?

Me: roll a dozen.  Six copper, four tin, two iron.  They weigh twenty pounds each.

Erik: Sweet!  How much are they worth?

Me: Hang on… thirty coins to the pound?  Those are huge coins.  Let’s say a hundred coins to the pound, then they’re kind of realistic.

And hey, it’s just copper, copper’s not worth that much, and it’s heavy.  This is in a convenient form at leas…

Me: I swear, this was not on purpose.

Erik: What, a lot of copper?  Twenty pounds times a hundred coins… you’ve gotta be kidding.

Me: Not on purpose!

Erik: Don’t change it! Two thousand copper in ingot form, from a… thing that’s smelting it from old machinery?  That makes sense!

See, not all finds of 2,000 coppers gets the same reaction ;)

In all seriousness, I want this metal smelting relic on tracks. Imagine the easy of just throwing in your (mostly) dead adversaries and having it kick out gold, silver and copper ingots? No need to loot the bodies, just drop them in the handy dandy Ronko Metal Smelter and Rotisserie and get your red hot ingots.

Damn Keith, but that's my kinds of magic item!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm more than mildly curious about how you plan to get that thing down.

    I mean, I know how it got up there, so I know there's at least one way to do it and keep it intact.

    And now I get to plan for you guys to go under the tower. I've got some ideas....

  2. A magic meat grinder that turns all meat into pies next to it on wagon and the dungeoneers and monster guilds will be upset. Some slave kobolds to operate would be nice. The SF equivelent is a biodiesel plant that converts meat slurry to fuel (no more atrocities evidence - yay!) i hear military robots research into this happening now. The kelavala epic of Finland is all about a magic mill - used to be lots in fairy tales.

  3. Yeeeeeeeesssssssss it's the Amazing Ronco Revenge-O-Matic!! It slices, dices, maims and mutilates (and makes julienne fries!) AND it's only 19.95! CALL NOW!!

  4. Incidentally, I'm kind of surprised you didn't throw the tin man into the smelter.

    Or even try to do it during the fight. That would have been badass.


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