Monday, October 22, 2012

Tonight I'll Update the "Where The F' Are They?" List of Overdue Kickstarters I've Supported

Yep, tonight I'll update my list of supported Kickstarters, the overwhelming number of which are overdue. Some, extremely overdue. Many with a piss poor record of keeping the waiting supporters updated.

I know folks speak about being "fashionably late", but that should not apply to projects that are funded with cash up front.

The strange thing is, I love the whole crowdfunding concept, but it appears more and more that folks in our hobby don't grasp the concept that failing to produce on time (and often without much of an explanation of the delays) will affect how folks look at your future projects. If all you want is "one and done", feel free to shoot yourself in the foot. Otherwise, maybe honest shipping estimates, prioritizing workloads and frequent communication with your customers goes much further than putting one's head in the sand and hoping no one asks questions.

Am I bitter? No

Frustrated? Yes

It's why I really appreciate Kickstarters like Spears of the Dawn, which released the Alpha of it's rules to supporters - and that's with 17 days left to fund. Somehow, I expect this one will ship on time ;)

1 comment:

  1. Part of the problem is that no one points out where they are failing to deliver. Perhaps your article tonight will help in this regard.


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