Thursday, October 25, 2012

PubCon This Saturday in NYC - Be There!

Remember No Fighting (and tip your waitstaff)
Here's the quick details for PubCon this Saturday (October 27th in NYC)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Meet - First Location - Downtown Strand Book Store
Corner of Broadway and E12th Street
Time  1230 PM

Meet - Second Location - Complete Strategist Game Store
11 E33rd Street - Between 5th and Madison
Time  130 PM

Meet - Third and Final Location - Rattle N Hum (Pub)
14 E33rd Street - Between 5th and Madison
Time  230 PM (directly across from the CompStat)

Now, I'm not sure if I have an hour worth of game shopping in me (I may, or a I may not) so I might hit  Rattle N Hum a tad early. We plan on grabbing a table or two in the back. No, the staff does not know this is planned, but as we didn't know if it was going to be more than Joe and I and a few others, we figured we'd wing this the first time.

I'll be bringing Drinking Quest 1 + 2 with me, and if we get a half dozen or more to show up (not including Joe & myself - which means six others) we'll do a roll off to see who wins my copy of DQ2 (I'll order myself a replacement).

This is an informal gathering of like minded individuals. The only agenda is to have a good time ;)

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