Sunday, October 21, 2012

An Ars Magica PC Game Kickstarter? It's So Crazy, It Might Just Work

I just stumbled across the Ars Magica video game Kickstarter. I've never played it, but I did find the rules intriguing during my earlier role playing days - I just never had a group that showed any interest in playing it. I know it has a following, as it's in its 4th? 5th? edition.

I don't know if that following will convert to $290,000 worth of support for a fantasy computer game that doesn't follow the usual tried and true generic or Forgotten Realms fantasy type world.

27 days to go - just under $20k raised - so it doesn't seem likely but it sure would have been interesting.

I haven't seen it pop up on any blogs that I read or my G+ feed, so it could be that the greater RPG world hasn't even heard about this one. It's a shame the Shaker guys couldn't have shifted their funding to an established game with an actual direction.


  1. 5th edition, but you can get the 4th edition rules free from Steve Jackson Games's website

  2. And Corey & Lori Cole, who did the Quest For Glory series (and he wrote a Judges Guild adventure) have a KS for a computer RPG called Hero-U. Should probably just squeak over the line.

  3. AWESOME idea. Really hope it works.


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