Sunday, October 21, 2012

Funny Voices, Accents and Impressions - Are They Part of Your GM Tool Set?

Pretty much what the titile of this post says - do you use funny voices, accents and impressions during the game sessions that your run?

I know I do. I've been doing so since my teens, and I think my skill with such has only gotten better with age. For me it adds flavor, and makes NPC more memorable, especially if you can keep the voice consistant between sessions.

If you do use voices, are there any techniques that you use to make is special?


  1. The further from home my PCs get the stronger the accent (in difference from my own), and for some unknown reason kobolds have sounded like mickey mouse since high school.

  2. I am terrible at accents - they all come out sounding vaguely eastern European, unless I'm actively trying to sound eastern European, in which case it comes out sounding like something else altogether.

  3. I've been doing them since I first started GMing. I have a few tried and true accents. Though just about any peasant I do either sounds like a Monty Python peasant ("help, help, I'm being repressed") or like a hillbilly from deliverance ("do you like banjo music?", "I consider deliverance an documentary, boy.")

    My players seem to enjoy them none the less and they have said it helps them differentiate between NPCs better.

  4. i have developed a beaver voice for my gamma world game - i feel guilty

  5. I've tried it, but when you have a couple of NPCs talking to each other, it can be a bit of a drain...

  6. You bet. As an actor I have a large palette of voices and mannerisms to call on. If I didn't throw myself into the game using this skill set my players would think there's something wrong with me.


  7. I tend not to aim for a RL accent, I just try to be consistently different...


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