Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Unearthed Arcana Reprint Coming in February '13 (Hat tip to Joe Browning)

Joseph Browning of Expeditious Retreat posted that Amazon lists a release date of 2/19/12 for the Unearthed Arcana Premium Reprint. I'm happy to see that it looks like the rest of the AD&D core books will see a reprint at this rate, I can't help but be cynical to see this as a cash grab by WotC.

I thought (I could be wrong) that D&D Next was to release at Gen Con 2013 (although that might have changed). Can putting more reprinted AD&D books on the market actually help D&D Next sales? I doubt it.

Instead, this is an attempt to fill in the gap left by the gelding of D&D 4e after the announcement of D&D Next. WotC needs sales to show daddy Hasbro that D&D is still viable, and reprints seem to be the way they are doing it. Additionally, the 3.5 reprints have / are released this month. Another pure cash grab.

I'm surprised they haven't reprinted the original D&D Boxed Set and Supplements.

What happens at WotC when the reprint sales dry up and Next isn't ready to go out the door?


  1. A cynical guess: It will go out the door on schedule. It just won't go out the door in tip-top shape.


    All of the writers who replaced the writers who were sacked, will be sacked.

  2. Well, the original UA was a cash-grab by TSR, so should this be any surprise?

    Still, I'm glad to see that they are doing more reprints. Sure, it's just to tide them over until Next is released, but at least it's also serving as "fan service" to those of us who didn't like 4E.

  3. "What happens at WotC when the reprint sales dry up and Next isn't ready to go out the door?"

    I guess they'll just reprint the reprints! :P

  4. I can't help but think I'm missing something.

    If someone really wanted one of these books, why wouldn't they just buy it on ebay? Most of the AD&D stuff lists at very reasonable prices - often less expensive than the new reprints.

  5. In the case of UA, most surviving copies are in horrible condition. The binding was the worst of any of the AD&D 1e books.

    Besides, sometimes something old can be the New Shiny ;)

  6. Of course, if you read Knights and Knaves Alehouse like Joe Browning does, you could have known about this yesterday.


  7. "see this as a cash grab by WotC"

    "Another pure cash grab"

    Wait... you mean reprinting material that people want to see, that might have been available in new book form for years or decades, is bad?

    Sure, new content would be nice to see... but 'cash grab' to me is usually something done because people will pay or GTFO. For instance, charging for services that used to be free, especially when they are mandatory or otherwise required to use the service (such as a 'license purchasing fee', or the 'we opened your box for you to inspect it and charge you taxes fee' -- yeah, thanks Canada Revenue Agency).

    Simply providing something your customers want, so they will choose to give you money? From a business perspective I'd consider this nothing more than low-hanging fruit.

    New content is shiny and good, but bringing back older products is nice too.


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