Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kickstarters That Make Me Go "Hmmm" - Numenera: A New RPG from Monte Cook

Not all Kickstarters have issues or problems. Some offer so much value, you find it impossible to say no as more and more stretch goals are hit, and more and more value is added for the same price. So it was for the Reapers Minis, and so it is with Numenera: A new roleplaying game from Monte Cook.

Now, let me just ground everyone for a minute. Monte was part of James Raggi's LotFP Weird Fantasy Adventures insane July Indiegogo Campaign. Monte's project never funded. Hell, the vast majority of that multipart campaign failed to fund, but there was an expectation that Monte's name would bring in crossover fans and it would be a win win. Never happened.

Something else - like I mentioned the other day, I predicted that Monte's "Next Big Thing" would be a Kickstarter project after he left his contract position on WotC's D&D Next Project. Lo and behold, I was right.

I held off on supporting the Numenera Kickstarter, as I had just emptied my pockets supporting just about every Old School styled / DCC RPG Kickstarter I could find. But the damn thing kept on hitting stretch goals, and finally last night I pulled the trigger. God help me ;)

I went if for the Real Deal at $60. This is what's included thanks to all the stretches that have been hit:

THE REAL DEAL $60 Level (+$10 shipping outside North America)
App (Android, iOS, or PC)
Name in the back of the corebook
Player's Guide PDF
Numenera corebook PDF
The Devil's Spine 32-page adventure PDF
The Mechanized Tomb 32-page adventure PDF
The Other Side of the Maelstrom 32-page adventure PDF
The Ninth World Bestiary 160-page PDF
Sir Arthur's Compendium 160-page PDF
Numenera 3D Paper Fold-Up Terrain PDF
GM's Screen PDF
Cypher, Creature, and XP Deck PDFs
Numenera corebook in print
Ninth World Guidebook PDF

So, core book in print and a campaign worth of material in PDF. I can get into that.

19 hours left as I type this in the Kickstarter.


  1. I went $10 more to get the Kickstarter-exclusive adventure at Patron level.

  2. I also funded this at the 60 dollar level, and the Reaper Kickstarter as well. So much stuff for only 60 bucks, from a guy I trust. But I wonder, how can they break even from this kickstarter when you offer that much stuff at that price point? It's easy to think that 400,000 dollars is a lot of money, but then you realize that they have a lot of work to do to follow through with what's been promised.


  3. Sending out PDFs costs them nothing. For sixty bucks you're getting the core book in hard copy, so the prices can easily be kept down. I'm not saying it's not fantastic value for money though, as PDFs can still come in quite expensive on Drive thru and other places, you just have to think that anything they sell in this way is more money straight back to them.

  4. Yeah, I'm in on this on as well (did the Reaper one too). At a certain point, there was just so much stuff, I couldn't say no.

  5. Very tempting. I'm pretty strict about contributing to Kickstarters (only done the C&C PHB kickstarter so far) but maybe I'll change my mind in a few hours...we shall see. I like how at the $750 level you basically buy a chunk of Monte's time.


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