Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mini Review - Moleskin Maps Volume One (RPG Maps)


Maps can make or break a game session. No, really. Not in the "Battlemaps" sort of sense, but from the GM side. Nice, easy to use and pleasant to look at maps make my job as a GM that much more enjoyable. Not to mention easier.

Moleskin Maps Volume One from Matt Jackson does just that.  10 maps, both outdoors and underground, waiting for you to stat them out. One page hold a large thumbnail of the map along with space to note background, key locations, GM notes, wandering encounters and major treasures. That is accompanied by a full sized version of the map (and separate PNG images of each map for use in the VTT of your choice).

So they aren't just a set of random maps, but they are there as tools to help the GM make each of these maps unique to his campaign. His game. To me, that's an awesome tool, and as Matt's maps are always top notch, $1.99 for 10 of them is a friggin' steal! Get them now before he wises up and charges what they are worth ;)

If you want to get a free peek at Map #11 (I'm calling it map #11) that was not included in this set, use the following link: Matt's free preview sample

From the blurb:

This first volume of Moleskin Maps contains ten of my Moleskin Maps, rescanned and cleaned up. The maps are in PDF format, with a page devoted to the entire map and a GM Prep Page to assist in setting up the encounter or dungeon. The GM Prep Page is an excellent tool to help GMs prepare their game sessions. 

The product's zip file also contains a larger format image of each of the maps so you can drop them into Fantasy Grounds, MapTool, TableTop Forge, or Roll20 to facilitate easy online game play. 

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