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Have Dungeon - Needs MegaSand - All Serious Offers Considered

Would You Prefer My Leet Mapping Skills?
Alright, in truth - I don't have a dungeon. Well, I do, but the last ones I designed myself are from the late 80's and they have their own issues.

Still, I have this idea. Alright, less an idea than a random thought that came crashing down sometime after Zak S posted this link on G+ : It's a Dungeon Overvue generator. It doesn't map out anything, but it gives you a randomly generated background for the sandbox dungeon, or dare I say - megadungeon - to be.

Here's the result I currently generated (BTW, there are numerous random table on this site - me love it long time I think):

The dungeon was originally a cathedral that is the basis for the stories of the degenerates (degenerate church folks? cool!) but has been forgotten by most civilized races for eons. It was rediscovered due to the recent comet, causing madness (madness to who? this seems almost ripe for a DCC RPG adventure so far). Near the Southwest entrance, a human male barbarian of unusual intelligence suspects it may contain : A male commoner, secretly allied to a group of cannibal halflings (damn I'm so yoking this!) & rumored to be the lover of a powerful boatman ("Orrible Otley, the Halfling Land Pirate) --one of particular interest--and so has dispatched cannibal halflings into the complex. They communicate via a code language that sounds like the common tongue but the words mean different things (great way to confuse the party).
Meanwhile, a group of bioengineered jackal-headed warriors (WTF?!? More awesome!) who entered through a secret door to the Northeast suspects it may contain : A female elven torturer, ex-lover of an NPC known to the players (nice hook) & rumored to be a flesh golem that they value (this might have to get changed - maybe). Their leader is said to be strangely eerie and is also a wizard with a dangerous pet--a giant mantis that appears to obey his/her every whim. It roams the halls looking for sustenance (random encounter table) but is afraid of thunder. It's also far fearless of death, heedless of pain than the typical member of its species. This group uses a network of hidden shafts and elevators to spy on the other group of intruders. (nice little "extra")
(In recent weeks, the two factions have begun to notice each other in the halls.)
Unbeknownst to either side, a vomiter (excellent name for the creature)--a centuries old victim of an unaging curse--lives deep within, inside a network of tunnels leading eventually to five apples (oh-kay...) which it prizes beyond all things.
It has constructed traps around its lair--for example, gaping steel jaws ready to close on whatever steps inside - clouds of steam are produced, lightly obscuring vision--but also four stranger traps, informed by its bizarre alien intelligence, which cause intruders to be destroyed by noise. It can avoid the traps easily because of its unique abilities. (lots to work with here)
The other factions have made about three traps each as well, but they are cruder, since they've been recently and hastily thrown together. (nice touch)
In addition, there are many hazards that are the legacy of the dungeon's original inhabitants. No-one has yet discovered the secret passage above the doll house (this would trip out many a party) on the third level.
Due to the subtle influence of a hat (above the giant lever on level three) with a powerful curse on it, nearly all of the inhabitants have become increasingly dissociated and some have gained additional bizarre physical and mental deformities (FUN!). Some have become obsessed with a(n) wolf for reasons unknown.
Perhaps the most disturbing room in the dungeon is the so-called "Chamber of Whispered Omens" which the intelligent creatures in the dungeon fear above all else (nice piece to work with). However, beyond it there is a female demonologist (-Lvl 2-) who hails from the homeland of one of your PCs and may aid him/her, though s/he covets the PCs' (whatever they have that's unusual) and is repulsed by the sight of every doll house s/he sees in the dungeon. (exactly how many dollhouses are in the dungeon? and why?) 
The dungeon's architecture resembles an overgrown temple, however every piano in it is made of granite and silver. (pianos in the dungeon? just enough wacky going on to work)
In addition to these things, it is said by some that, hidden deep within the complex, where no mortal has been in eons is the Blood of The Other Moon and the EnigMan, returned from a centuries-long journey beyond the sky, awakening from his slumber to a world gone mad. (something for the PCs to screw up with in the end - priceless)

There is so much to work with here, even if you go the route of dropping / changing stuff that you think doesn't make sense, that this just calls to be written out and mapped. It's also got some sandbox elements built in, with folks to met, different factions, generally weird shit to interact with.

I like.

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  1. "A female elven torturer, ex-lover of an NPC known to the players (nice hook) & rumored to be a flesh golem that they value (this might have to get changed - maybe). "

    T'sais. Need I say more?

    ...five apples...

    The golden apples of amara are the fruit of a tree that Eidoloth planted in a previous age. All are ageless and immune to decay or vermin. There are six known varieties
    1 - is completely delicious. If eaten, the core regenerates a new, fresh apple in one turn.
    2 - is unutterably delicious. if eaten, the subject falls into a deep slumber for d10xd10 days.
    3 - is somewhat mealy. if eaten, the character turns a deep golden color and is affected as if a heal and regenerate spell were cast on him
    4 - has an oddly metallic taste. if eaten the character will never be able to stand eating fruit of any sort ever again.
    5 - apple of knowledge - tastes so tart that a con roll is required to consume the entire thing. if this is accomplished the character gains +1 INT and can detect good/evil in much the same way that a paladin can.
    6 - apple of hunger - tastes like an average apple. if eaten the character becomes ravenously hungry and will eat any and all apples or other foodstuffs available, becoming violent if denied. The hunger lasts for an hour.


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