Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Looking Deeper Into Drinking Quest - Thinking of House Rules Before I've Even Played a Session

People that know me know I like to tinker with rules. Before I ran my first session of ACKS I already had a sheet of house rules written up. Such it is with me and RPGs.

Conflict / Combat resolution is quick and easy is Drinking Quest, as it should be for a game that has drinking adult beverages as a game function. No worrying about THAC0 or Ascending / Descending AC. Roll a D6, add any modifiers, compare to targes defense rating. Easy as pie. Heck, the rules are so balanced and instinctually simple to learn, there really is much in the way to house rule.

Or is there?

So, what is a man to do if he has no group ready to quest with him? I've got a deck of cards, my blank character sheet, dice and a 22oz glass of Heineken Light straight from the tap - what can I do?

Solo play is the easiest to work out. Since a two player game defaults to 8 Quest cards (4 per player), just shuffle the deck of Quest cards and play as usual, except that you also roll for the bad guys. After your 4th Quest card / encounter you can stop, but if you decide to push on, each Quest Card / Encounter is worth 1 extra point of XP, as you are truly risking death.

Pub play is played as usual, but the Winner of the Quest pays for the next round for use in the following quest. It makes the losers feel just a wee bit better ;)

I have ideas for G+ Hangout play, but I need to tweak them a bit - more later

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  1. I just played this game with my wife last night. Unfortunately my drink of choice was American Honey Whisky... I won though!!!


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