Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cyborg Commando - Age Didn't Help it Get Better

I did some cleaning earlier tonight and found my copy of Cyborg Commando. You know, the game Gary Ggax, Frank Mentzer and Kim Mohan put together when Gary was booted for TSR.

I still have the original, oversized zip lock bag it shipped in.

You got the CCF Manual (rules), the Campaign Book (setting), a GM's Adventure Notes booklet which flips to be the Player's Adventure Notes booklet, a short scenario and a signed Certificate of Authenticity (#0154) signed by the three amigos above.

I never played it.

Never even tried to convince my players back in '87 to play it.

It was that - "Eh" - even back then.

So, my idea upon finding it was that I'd read the rules for the first time in 25 years and run a session on G+ as a goof.

Ain't happening. I can't do it to myself. I tapped out flipping through the rules.

There's too much good stuff out there, old and new, to drag crap like this out again.

If I ever ran a Mutant Future game, there might be something usable in the campaign book, but that's far from the top of my list of games to run or play.

Somethings get better with age, and others stink just as bad or even worse then before.

The cyborg still stinks.


  1. Never had a copy, never read it. Why does it stink?

  2. >>If I ever ran a Mutant Future game, there might be something usable in the campaign book<<

    Naw - Dan Proctor already has Cyborg Commandos as a joke-ish monster in Mutant Future rulebook, you really don't want to be referring to CC at all. It really stinks.

  3. I think my friends and i played it as a diversion once or twice when it was new. The rules were cumbersome character generation was overlong for a game where everyone was the same character. i suppose it could be played up like an 80's cartoon spoof as the setting is okay for cartoon scifi adventure, it would just be better played with a different game system.


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