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Sunday, June 1, 2014

12 Hours Left in the DCC RPG Chained Coffin Kickstarter - The $30 Package is Amazing

I don't ever post about a Kickstarter multiple times - well, at least not the "good" ones, but with The Chained Coffin I'm making an exception.

Here's what you currently get with your $30 pledge:
Level 5 DCC RPG adventure module to be manufactured with a puzzle on inside front cover packaged separately in the box, that consists of 3 spinning wheels. 
Spinning wheel edition to be produced with limited edition silver foil cover, at $30 price. "Regular" color cover edition is also available (featuring the wheel graphic without the moving parts) at a price of $10. 
Written by Michael Curtis with inspiration from Appendix N author Manley Wade Wellman. Includes additional mini-adventure "The Rat King's River of Death" by Steven Bean. 
The Chained Coffin will be a boxed set! All Kickstarter orders of silver foil or gold foil will include the box.
 There will now be a THIRD adventure included in the boxed set, in addition to the (32 page) Almanac (of the Shudder Mountain region), the 0-level bonus module, the Chained Coffin, and the add-on spinning wheel! 
I'm in for the silver foil adventure and a DCC flask. Why the flask? Because it's cool. Why the adventure? It's an amazing value for it's price. Well, that and all the DCC RPG modules rock.

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  1. Dang, I should have checked in on sunday. I missed this.


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