Saturday, June 7, 2014

3d6 in Order - Natural 18 Right Out of the Box - Matt Finch's Mythus Tower (NTRPG Con)

I rolled an 18 for my strength in +Matt Finch 's Mythus Tower (Swords & Wizardry) this morning using "3d6 in order"- and actually had witnesses. Now, I'm pretty sure I haven't done that in 20 years or more. It really was a "holy shit!" moment ;)

Matt runs a really fun game and manages an insanely large group of players with a skill I have never seen before. We actually hit 16 players at one point and Matt handled it as if it were six - or even less. Simply amazing to see in action. Strangely enough, the only things I killed in this morning's session was giant rats. Weird how that worked out ;)

Rach and I bowed out when we hit town for xp and a long break - we closed the bar out the night before and I really was feeling it. Food and caffeine helped the cause.

Rachel got to play in her 2nd ever OSR game and decided to spread her wings a bit - she chose a human cleric. She didn't get a chance to cast any spells, but she did okay bashing with her mace.

After lunch I sat down with +Vincent Florio and DM Glenn for a short interview, some post interview bullshitting and beer.

Good times.


  1. Eventually I will get to witness it first hand, but it would be awesome to see some of the GM greats in action—perhaps in a YouTube actual play podcast?

  2. Pretty epic! Hilarious that you ran into and killed giant rats. Did they have any copper?

  3. They didn't have 2000 copper until I realized Erik was at the table. I made absolutely certain that if he was going to fight giant rats, he was by God going to get 2000cp for it. Unfortunately he wasn't in the room when they went through the treasure.

    Dennis Sustare is really fixated on mapping the first level, which is why they were up there. Eventually I think it was that expedition that ended up in a teleporter at the bottom of a sarcophagus, ended up in a place no one had explored before, and got attacked by light-eating grues. Erik had already left by then, I think.

  4. They did survive, I should add.


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