Monday, June 2, 2014

The Maps For the Final Round of the OSR Superstar Completion (Final Round Kicks Off Officially Next Week)

This is not the official kick off of the final round. That will happen next week. These are, however, the maps that the final 15 competitors will be working to finish off and stock up. Those that wish a head start may have at it. They will have 30 days once the final round officially launches to submit their entries. As such, there will be no extensions to the submittal timeframe for the final round.

The finished map will need to include the competitor's qualifying magic item and monster entries amongst the encounters.

For those of you that wish to play along at home and aren't in the Final 15, there will be an open round after we have our OSR Superstar winner sometime around the middle of the summer. The prize(s) for the open round are fame and fortune thus far, but should be fun anyhow ;)

They can choose to use the gridded map or the ungridded map as they see fit. Maps donated by +matt jackson

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