Wednesday, June 4, 2014

When You go to a Gaming Con, Do You Register for Games, Enjoy Pick Up Games, or Both?

When I registered Rachel and myself for the North Texas RPG Con, it took some real effort NOT to register ourselves for every open gaming slot.

In the end, we have a game on Thursday and Friday nights, two on Saturday and one on Sunday morning. It was a fine balance between leaving time open and registering for sessions we really wanted to participate in.

When you got to a gaming convention, do you leave time for open gaming or do you fill your time with registered game slots?


  1. Well, the first big game convention that I am going is gonnabe GENCON this year. The ones here in my country doesn't have all that organization and games are held on the fly.

    I registered for a couple a day, but I hope I can find more to play there on the spot.

  2. I'll register for the occasional tournament but usually I just play games open to whoever shows.

  3. Since I run games, I have to get those on the docket first, then see what free time I have for games I'd like to play in. I do end up scheduling most of my time, and my "pick-up" game free time ends up being 11 p.m. or so after the con ends for the day.

  4. Using I run at cons, so my free slots for playing are pre-registered.

    when attending purely as a player, I do about 50% registered and use the other for free time for tourism. Like when I go to Detroit, I'll spend time going to a Tigers game and to the zoo, etc.

    I very rarely do a pick-up game at a con.

  5. I sign up for the can't miss opportunities and fill in with pick ups.

  6. short answer: both, though it largely depends on the convention

    For example, at garycon, it's mostly been catalog events. Until the last year or two, it's been fairly easy to get into good games with good DMs, and it's generally attended by good guys who are easy to get along with. However, this year, there were a couple of complete, spastic losers who ruined a couple games for me. Next year, I'll be looking for some off-grid games as well.

    At gencon, I've generally done way more pickup games with people I already know, because frankly, too many gamers are like the guys I mentioned above at garycon this year. What ticketed events I do play, I shoot for things I'll never play at home: historical and sci-fi minis, mostly.

  7. I register for a few catalog events and wander the rest of the time. I like having a few scheduled events to look forward too as well as some time 'off' to play in demos, visit the dealers and look for pick up games. At Garycon it almost feels like I am missing out unless I pre-register for a few games.
    If I could get a time machine and play in all the games that are running in the same slots, that would be real nice...


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