Monday, June 2, 2014

Round 2 Winners of the OSR Superstar Contest Are...

The delay in announcing the winners of the 2nd round of the OSR Superstar Contest is all on me. Work and life in general has been hectic as all hell.

All that being said, we do have winners to announce ;)

15 entries (with ties) made the cut.

The first 4 entries as placed by points awarded by the judges win $25 each - either via Paypal or RPGNow credit - their choice. There may be an additional prize for 1st place in the 2nd round - I need to go through the prize list again.

Qualifiers 5 thru 7 will each get $10 RPGNow gift certificates.

Qualifiers 8 thru 15 will each get $5 RPGNow gift certificates (we had ties for 8th place)

I'll be covering the cost of awarding the RPGNow credit to the expanded qualifying list.

1 - Gavin Norman
2 - Shane Knysh
3 - Eric Branstad
4 - Gus L

5 - Diego Nogueria
6 - Jason Reilly
7 - Eric Tresure

8 - Erin Bisson
9 - John McCollun
10 - Tony Mullins
11 - Legion McRae
12 - David Brawley
13 - Jon Hiesfelter
14 - Joel Davis
15 - Nathan Irving

The winners need to contact me at osrDOTsuperstar at that gmail thing - put the name of your monster entry in the subject header so i know it's you ;)

I'm heading out to NTRPG Con in less than 2 days. I probably wont be awarding prizes until I return a week from today. The next and final round of the OSR Superstar Contest won't kick off officially until next week some time and the 15 finalists will have 30 days to submit their entries.

Congrats to all who entered.


  1. Congratulations to Gavin Norman and all the other winners who beat the pants off of me! :)

  2. Huge congrats to the winners. Fantastic entries.

  3. Congrats to the winners!
    I guess this is where my OSR superstar career ends... I knew I should have played OSR games more ;)
    Can't wait for the entries to be published.

  4. Holy cow! Will you ever have a contest for a whole OSR game?

  5. Congrats to the winners! Can't wait to see the entries!

  6. Yes, congratulations to all the winners - I'm sure when we see the entries we'll all be quite impressed.

  7. Congrats and woot. What was the 3rd round again?

  8. Awesome! I am still on the run! :D

  9. Just a detail to add. It's DiOgo Nogueira, not DiEgo. But it's ok. I am used to that. :)


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