Saturday, May 31, 2014

Five Years of Drinking...er, Posting at The Tavern

As I mentioned last night, today is the 5th anniversary of Tenkar's Tavern.

Simply fuckin' amazing.

Seriously, I never thought it would get this far along. Heck, when I started the blog, I had no real idea exactly what I was going to be blogging about. I think the Amazon Kindle as a PDF reader was on the list of things to review.

In the beginning, I expect the bulk of the hits The Tavern got were from me, checking out my own postings and in awe that anyone would want to read such. In truth, in the beginning, it wasn't a well well or well done blog.

Today, it is a fairly well read blog. As for being well done? Obviously, I'm partial.

I've made some genuine friends through this wonderful blog of ours and found myself to be an active part of an amazingly productive and exciting community. It really is "this blog of ours", because without you, the readers, I'd be doing the writing equivalent of masturbation - or at least, that's what my Creative Writing professor in college would say. Thanks to all of you I'm at no risk of going blind - at least not from writing ;)

I'd list all of the friendships and comrades in crime that I've made thanks to The Tavern over the last 5 years, but sure as shit I'd miss a few, so let me just say this: "You know who you are. You've offered advice, criticism, support, friendship, a shoulder to lean on and so much more. Thank you." If you think it applies to you, it does. If your not sure, it does. If you think it doesn't, it still might ;)

I am far from perfect, and The Tavern has a long way to reach it's full potential. It's not a path I've walked on my own and I'm glad to have you all along for the ride.

Where will The Tavern be in another 5 years? No idea. I suspect, still chugging along, but maybe at a reduced rate of 2-3 posts a day instead of the 3-4 posts a day from years 3 and 4. Age is catching up :)


  1. Are each of these the headings you've used over the years?

    1. there are one or two earlier ones, but the Wayback Machine didn't grab them

  2. Congratulations! (And...fark me. I just realized we started our blogs on practically the same day. I hadn't even been paying attention.)

  3. Congrats! I'll have to remember to buy you a congratulatory beer at the con this week!

  4. Nice Erik...5 years and they are still letting you use the computer...keep up the great work and pissing people off :P

  5. Congrats! I do miss your Kickstarter rants...err updates though.

  6. My favorites are the kickstarter rants!

  7. The Tavern is my homepage. It's just the right mix of news & commentary, humour & spleen, personal & public. Thank-you.

  8. Congrats, and here's to five more years and beyond!


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