Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kickstarter - Dwimmermount PDF Proof in Hand!

Yep, it looks like Autarch is just about ready to finally bring Dwimmermount to the finishing line. The PDF clocks in at just under 400 pages (398 to be exact).

I'm surprised to find myself actually excited by the prospect of actually holding a hard copy of Dwimmermount, and I can tell from the size that this was a project that could easily overcome the folks behind it. Will I run it? You know I have to run the first level again :)

The layout is pleasing to the eyes with none of that annoying "watermarking" and such and it was nice to find some "easter eggs":

If any bring a printed page from the proof with The Grumpy Dwarf quote, I'll be habby to give it a scratch at NTRPG Con ;)


  1. Notice that on the credits page, Alexander Macris gave himself top billing over James Maliszewski.

    1. saw that too - i suspect that James' notes needed a lot of extrapolating.

  2. I wouldn't read too much into that. It was just mock-up copy that Richard threw in there, not final text. Our editors' name isn't "Pookie Dunno", either.

    I'm still wrestling with what the correct crediting should be. Tavis Allison needs to be in there, for one thing, but the exact accreditation is not clear. I personally lean towards:

    "Developed by Alexander Macris & Tavis Allison based on the original adventure by James Maliszewski"

    Other possiblities:
    "Created by James Maliszewski and Developed by Alexander Macris and Tavis Allison"
    "By James Maliszewski with Additional Material by Alexander Macris and Tavis Allison"
    "James Maliszewski, Alexander Macris, and Tavis Allison"

    Anyone know off-hand how the credits were handled for the 3.5 republish of Caverns of Thracia?

    1. How about "Created by James. Saved from oblivion by Alexander and Tavis."

      I jest...but only just.

  3. Yes, the 3.5 Caverns of Thracia:
    Front page (cover) says "By Paul Jaquays and James Collura
    Credits page (first page) says:
    Author: James Collura
    Original Content: Paul Jaquays
    Additional Content: Scott Green, Skeeter Green, Sean Stidd
    Developers: Bill Webb and Kevin Walker....
    etc etc

    May i suggest:
    Front Page "By James Maliszewski, Alexander Macris, and Tavis Allison"
    Credits page: "Original Content By James Maliszewski with Additional Material and Development by Alexander Macris and Tavis Allison"
    Or maybe have the front page say the same as I suggested for the credits page.

    Either work I salute the hard work you have put in, and i look a lot forward to getting a finished pdf as well as the hardcover, and... playing it!

  4. Ander's credits suggestions seem reasonable. I'm so glad Dwimmer is finally seeing the light of day. It seems like a lot longer than two years with all the challenges this project has faced. Big kudos to Alexander and Tavis (and everyone else involved!) for bringing James' vision to fruition. I'm excited to know I'll have a shiny hardcover in my hands soon. Yay!

  5. Yes me too, and may i add, that the proof pdf is looking REALLY good! Good layout and some good evocative art/illustrations too! :D

  6. I certainly look forward to my hardcover. And I *will* run it. At least it'll be a widely-advertised option in the sandbox... :-)

  7. Thanks for the kind words, everyone, and for the feedback on the credits.

    The credits will likely be presented as "Original design by James Maliszewksi" and "Additional development by Alexander Macris and Tavis Allison", or something close to that.


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