Saturday, June 7, 2014

Whisper & Venom and some Red Dragon Inn with Doug Kovacs Himself

Tonight was a damn good night of gaming... and beers afterwards with +James Aulds ;)

+Zach Glazar ran a Labyrinth Lord adventure in his Whisper & Venom campaign setting. Strangely enough, I have a real distaste for gnomes now ;)

In all seriousness, Zach ran an excellent session, and Rachel now how her first D&D clone under her belt.

+Doug Kovacs then invited Rachel and myself for a game of Red Dragon Inn. It was a blast, and in the end I was victorious. This is a game Rach and I may need to pick up for play with the family.

Oh, before I forget, some more of +Doug Kovacs's work that we picked up, although this time it's only prints. Still some amazing work. The last two pieces my wife picked out.

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