Sunday, June 1, 2014

Packing for North Texas RPG Con and We Have a Stowaway!

If it was up to me, I probably wouldn't be packing until Wednesday morning right before our flight out, but Rachel has already started, so I figured I may as well too.

I'm trying to keep us from having to check any baggage, as that shit is just an annoying waiting game to pick up ones stuff.

Anyhow, Feltothraxis is ready to go. Had to leave his stick behind, so his arm movements will be limited to twisting his body side to side. You never know, I may be able to jury rig something when i get to Texas.

Laptop, pocket vid camera, tablet for all my PDFs.portable charger for phone and / or tablet, S&W Complete HC, notebook, pens, dice - oh, and clothes. Should all fit in a backpack and a messenger bag.

Alright, back to working out the winners of the second round of the OSR Superstar Contest... and drinking beer...mmmm ;)


  1. What do you need in the way of sticks? I can bring some 1/8th inch dowels if you need.

  2. It's Texas, right? So it's illegal to be walking around without a gun and an extensible baton, if I recall correctly. Just use the baton for the stick. ;)

    Enjoy the con!

  3. Yeah, I went ahead and began packing too. I usually drive to any con I'm attending, but this is a flight situation. Trying to cram everything into one carry-on, so I thought I'd get a headstart to make sure it'll all fit.

  4. im trying to figure out what local beer to pack


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