Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Just How Compatible Will 5e be With the OSR? "Raging Owlbear" Had Done the Math

Who, or what, is Raging Owlbear? It's a fairly new gaming blog that has done the math to compare the numbers across the editions. Don't believe me? The chart above goes to level 20 on his site - I'm just offering a sample to wet the appetite.

It's all about "bounded accuracy", which the Owlbear in question talks about too.

He also stats out a handful of creatures to show how they compare between 2e and 5e. below is a sample.

If this is the kind of stiff one will find at the Raging Owlbear, I strongly suggest folks add it to their list of blogs to read. Drop by and tell him Tenkar sent ya.


  1. Second try, blogger broke the first one.

    In my own experiments with 5e through the dual compatible adventures (http://geniuslocigames.blogspot.com/p/5-minute-adventures.html) I've found that conversion is rather simple. There is some work to be done for advantage and disadvantage and moving from a "If the party searches diligently" to "A Wisdom (Perception) Check of 15 or higher" but otherwise rather simple.

    Honestly the biggest hassle is converting creatures that aren't stock (kobolds/goblins/orcs/etc). Even that however is pretty easy to get a grip on.

  2. Looking at the races, since that's what I'm currently working on, I was surprised to see that you could use a good chunk of them in Swords & Wizardry without any conversion. Seriously toned down from 3.5

  3. That's what I'm hoping as well. I used to convert 3.5 on the fly. Stat blocks were mostly meaningless to me. ;)

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out! It's given me a nice little bump to my readership numbers.

    I really appreciate the support of the RPG blogging community as I've had several people link over to me, and it's been really fantastic to join in the discussions.

    Hopefully, my time will allow me to keep posting good stuff.


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