Friday, June 6, 2014

Wherein We Fixed Time and then Found Time for Awesome Kovacs' Art Pics

Tonight Rachel and I played in +Tim Snider 's excellent Timemaster game session. I chose this as the first slot for Rach and I to play in at NTRPG Con for two reasons: I strongly suspected Tim would run an excellent game (he surpassed that expectation by far) and Timemaster was obscure enough a system that Rachel's lack of experience with RPGs wouldn't really be much of a hinderance. Rach had a blast.

You can catch Tim's write up of the sessions highlights over at his Savage Afterworld blog. Check it out. We'll wait for you here ;)

Did I mention that +Paul Wolfe 's wife Brenda was in the Timemaster game with us and that she crochets dice bags?  Well, she does, and Rachel now has one of her own to prove it.

And now for some +Doug Kovacs art porn. I won't be able to leave without a purchase or three...


  1. Holy chrome! That picture of The Warden is amazing!

    You better keep it in the plastic, people's drool will ruin it.

  2. Yeah the Warden looks great.

    So glad I backed the MetAl KS!


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