Friday, June 6, 2014

The Point at Which You Know a New RPG Player "Get's It"

As I mentioned last night+Tim Snider 's Timemaster game was my wife Rachel's first RPG session in a group setting (back when we were dating I ran a Tunnels & Trolls session for her one on one, but that was more mechanics of an RPG than actually understanding how an RPG works).

The magical moment when I knew it had all clicked for my wife was when she said: "We need to interrogate the last one. We need to know what he knows. I want to know how many are waiting for us on Skylab". This after she had wrestled the four armed alien into a Half Nelson.

She just remarked to me as I type this "It's a good thing I didn't use a Pile Driver, or else we wouldn't have learned anything."

Yep, she get's it ;)


  1. That's awesome! You don't need an apostrophe, though; it's just "gets". Sorry, it's just that grocers' apostrophes are a big pet peeve of mine

  2. The moment where a new player "gets" it, and everything clicks is one of my favorite times in gaming. You can see it on their faces as the combination of "I can try ANYTHING" and feeling like what is going on is "real." And then they become truly immersed in the game, to an extent that many veterans are rarely able to do anymore. It's just awesome. I'm a HUGE fan of playing with new players and spreading the joys of the hobby.


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