Saturday, July 6, 2013

Reaper Bones in Hand - Holy Shit!

No pics yet, as I just came back from a few days in the Poconos and found my huge Reaper box when I returned this evening.

I was ready to bitch and complain that they left out the paints I ordered, but the 4 plain brown boxes held my 24 paints - sweet!

If I find the time I'll unpack everything and take some pics tomorrow. First step is to find some superglue so I can put together the gigantic minis that came with this. My wife already declared that I have enough minis to paint to last me for years and years, if not a lifetime. She is so right ;)

In the meantime - I have my 32 oz beer mug filled with Sam Adams Summer Ale - it's damn hot here in NYC!

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