Saturday, July 6, 2013

Some Thoughts on The Tavern's Next DCC RPG Contest

I planned on announcing the next DCC RPG Contest / Giveaway tomorrow, but I need to see what I have to give away in print (from both the generosity of 3rd party publishers and some extra copies of Barve Halfling's Appendix N adventures I got during the Kickstarter) and see if I can get  some PDF copies to go along with the above. I was otherwise occupied on my vacation and failed  to do necessary "reaching out" ;)

Now, here's the theme of the contest I'm thinking off. I'm going to ask participants to put together their own "Adventure Path" using currently released adventures from Goodman Games and 3rd party publishers.

No need to buy anything or even read the DCC RPG rules (but you can read the DCC RPG Beta for flavor if needed). Read the hooks / blurbs / summaries on RPGNow of the adventures (I'll supply links to all that I know of) and string 4 or more together in a "metaplot". You can mix and match publishers if you like. Make it fun.

I'll pick 2 or 3 entrants to get print copies and I'll hopefully have some PDFs to go out to some random entrants.

This is NOT the contest announcement - that may take a few days yet. Consider this a head start to brainstorm for those that like such ;)


  1. I'll pledge a PDF. And print copy of Squid Sorcerer!

    1. woot!

      I have my print copy of The Squid Sorcerer on its way, having ordered it during Lulu's July 4th sale :)

    2. Let me know where to send the contest copy.

  2. Hope DCC #77: The Croaking Fane get's released before the contest starts/ends :3

  3. Limited to four products for the adventure path?

    1. 4 is the minimum - no limit on the high end

  4. Hi Erik,

    We can provide whatever you want from our library as prizes.

    - Purple Duck Games.

  5. You can count on copy of Crawl, PRINTED OF COURSE.


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