Friday, July 5, 2013

Mini Review - The Treacherous Cobtraps (DCC Adventure)

The Treacherous Cobtraps is a level 2 Appendix N Series DCC RPG adventure. The PDF version comes with both a DCC RPG stated adventure and a systemeless adventure for easy plugging into any other fantasy RPG.

So, what do you get for your $2.95?

A short adventure with nice atmosphere, but unless your party is a small one,  numbers alone will easily win the day. This is something you pull out when half the group can't make the session, because it will probably play out way too quickly and with little actual danger to the party with a full group.

It introduces two new magic items, one of which has further adventure potential.

The map is gorgeous. If there is one thing Brave Halfling is making a name for itself with is the maps accompanying the Appendix N series - they rival Goodman Games offerings at times, and that is a high target to match.

From the blurb:

The folk of the borderland shun the great strands of tamarack trees that lie at the southern edge of the stagnant marsh. Some tell of scuttling sounds and far-off cries that suddenly go silent. Others speak of ghostly-green, shifitng lights that bob and weave amongst the choked, tangled evergreens. Two nights ago in the halfling thorp of Brandy Hollow, a young shepherd boy and several sheep went missing. Leaders from Brandy Hollow approach the characters in desperation and offer them 100 gold coins each in exchange for cleasing the Taramack Weald of whatever evil must dwell therein.

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