Thursday, July 4, 2013

Oh My F'n God - They Are Now Offering a BS Course on Getting Published in the RPG Hobby - Limited Time Sale!

Don't you hate those sites that offer super secret info on weight loss, body building, conquering women through with your mind alone, etc?

Limited time deal! Must act now! Price will be increasing to your first born child in 13 minutes! If you miss out on this your testicles will shrivel up and fall off your body!

Well, we now have such an offering to get us published in the RPG hobby. As one of the hints is to set up your own RPGNow publisher account, I dont see why you even need to purchase the course.

Below are some screenshots for the website in question:

Wait? 500 fucking bucks is the regular price? Can one of the smaller 3rd party publishers pipe in with the average length of time before a start up RPG publisher makes that back in profit?

$147 is the reboot price as of July 8 - Hell, even $77 is too much for this.

Here's the link if you want to read it in total.

I'm sorry, but I have way better ways to spend my $77, and your should too...


  1. I love the use of the word "lucrative" in the same discussion as "RPG publishing."

    The pricing is not surprising, though - pretty much all fitness-related products sell that way. An old price that they never sell it for, a reduced price they might sell it for, and an "act now" price to get you to make a snap decision. It's so common I figure there must be a generator out there that cranks it out.

    Usually it's "add to cart to see the real price!" though.

  2. Erik, you are such a boon to the InterWebs it cannot be overstated. Funny and off-pissing both in the same post!

  3. Wait? You mean this is a scam? A total waste of time and money? Well crap on the inside of my new shoe, there goes my day.

  4. Oh jesus and I just did an interview a few days ago for this guy. Well if he can make it lucrative then good luck to him.

  5. Holy cow! I wish I wouldv'e thought of this myself. I might actually be able to earn back some of the money I've spent on art costs. ;) I can expect roughly $100 in the first month of a new adventure release (priced at $4.95 for the PDF) and I've been writing and publishing off and on for years. Other publishers who have far more of a cult following (Raggi, Goodman, etc.) can make that in less than half that time. A new publisher with no license, following, or track record had better be thinking for the long haul.

    Pete Spahn
    Small Niche Games

  6. This has to be a joke (a good one) :)

  7. This has got to be a joke. There is no way I can take this seriously.

  8. How to Kickstart on a wish and a dream!

  9. Its probably not a joke. The guy writes a lot of stuff and he does have several books on improving your rpg experience, particularly DM advice. I think you are all being a little nasty in putting him down when he is simply trying to make a buck out of something he actually does to some degree of success. You should consider his whole web site: https://www.gamer-lifestyle.com/ rather than this one venture and its mass-marketing format. Its not something I am going to go for, but that doesnt mean it is a scam, or that you can mock and deride his efforts just because you do not agree with them.

    1. John picked by far the worst method to seek sign ups for his program - the boilerplate used by the internet hucksters.

      I'm not calling it a scam, but the presentation is aimed at those that are desperate to find success, and if they don't decide SOON, the cost will double.

      It's a sleazy way to market to the RPG hobby.

      Might as well include some MLM at this point tio round it out.

    2. Actually, I'm pretty sure the FIRST AMENDMENT says I can mock and deride things I don't agree with.

  10. The reason I can't take it seriously has nothing to do with Johnn Four or his contributions to gamedom. It's entirely because of the internet scam website boilerplate.


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