Sunday, November 25, 2012

How NOT to Plug Your Ingiegogo Project on Someone's Blog

1 - Spam the comments section of the most recent blogpost of a fairly popular RPG Blog without adding anything remotely relevant to the blogpost in question.

2 - When you DO spam the comments section of a blog, run on for paragraphs about the shit you want to spam.

3 - WTF would you even bother addressing the owner of the blog before stealth spamming your shit? Best to be sneaky and hope not to get caught on the holiday weekend.

4 - Formatting the post and making the minimum attempt at making it look presentable would simply waste seconds you don't have. There are dozens of other sites to stealth bomb.

Here's the now "spammed" comment in question:

AragornNovember 25, 2012 10:37 AM
Iron Age is pen&paper Role Playing game (wow, excellent first sentence). It brings new concepts and interesting setting allowing you to experience world of 1. st. BC first handedly (my God, next I expect to be told you have 12 million dollars that you need my help in moving), not only by moving among the people of that period but also recognizing their myths, legends that are intertwined with an occultism (because "occultism" isn't the same without an "an").
Iron age system (capitalization is optional) allows player (because we know no more that one person would ever pay to play this game) to completely customize his character by giving him choice  (using the word "the" isn't so optional) of seven different races, each race allows further customization by the choice of many different backgrounds. Customization goes even further, and so player can choose Traits that allow player to define his character in detail! (this sentence speaks for itself)
System of the Iron age has powerful set of Core rules supplemented by various optional rules, that allow great deal of options to players that require them. (didn't I read this same sentence with the last "easy assemble instructions for home"?) Some innovative rules are present that will spice up the combat itself, allowing each character to use style most appropriate to his characteristics. Setting of Iron Age (whoa! Capitalization is back!) is presented in original and unique way, by implementing and merging beliefs of different nations in amalgam not unlike tolkien based world or ancient sagas.
I've been working 2 years on the system (maybe you should spend some on your English grammer - it might be a more effective way to get your thoughts across. Oh, and etiquette lessons may be useful too)  , even more on the setting itself yet now I need your help (You need my help? Sure, I'll give you lots of help). We've recently started our indiegogo campaign, and as such are in need of help with promotion and contributions. To increase our chances of success, we've started a competition (read about it in update section of campaign), which gives you a chance to become our partner (10% from NETO profit from core book and bestiary) and earn one time fee of 200$.
 (sweet! I can be a partner! Fuck that)

Dude, here's the help I can give you. Find a native English speaker to edit your Indiegogo page. Then have them edit your game. Take some real life lessons in how to communicate with people to have them take an honest look at your stuff, not stealth bombing blogs. I'm sure you're gonna get some traffic from this post, but I doubt you'll get much in the way of business.

Oh, and by the way - fuck you!


  1. The best part is that he seems to have set up his campaign on Indiegogo such that only 2 people could contribute at any given level. so only the $600 and $15,000 levels are still available. Yeah, good luck with those.

    1. That is not true... only 600 and 15 000 levels are limited to 2. We lost most of our contributions because of a problem with paypal, that's why that option was disabled.

  2. ROFL, not only did they piss off Erik, but sabotaged their own Indiegogo campaign! Sweet!


  3. Are you sure there wasn't anything else in there about pills from a Canadian pharmacy or needing the password to your Diablo account?

  4. maybe you should spend some on your English grammer

    Grammar, not grammer. ;)

    This post totally made my night, though. My particular favorite part is how homie goes on and on about how innovative his game is by highlighting a bunch of features you can find in a dozen other game systems.

  5. Tho shalt not write rants while in your cups!

    I forgot that rule, but its more fun this way (tho obviously much more prone to typos and other drunken shenanigans ;)

  6. My first thought is that's not a real persons post. It looks like a mash of common words to do with rpg's put together by a bot or something.

  7. I make the good game. Is RPG on paper with dice, no screen and an controller. It's called Olde dragon's And dUngeons. Player choose to be fighting or magic. Customize for player option 2! Crowdfund me now! Who is driving car? Bear is driving car!

  8. Tho shalt not write rants while in your cups!
    What fun is that?!

    I make the good game. Is RPG on paper with dice, no screen and an controller. It's called Olde dragon's And dUngeons. Player choose to be fighting or magic. Customize for player option 2! Crowdfund me now! Who is driving car? Bear is driving car!

    The above is also what I imagine Joesky the Dungeon Brawler's Kickstare r would look like, only with more capital letters.

  9. This was fun reading. And yes I found native English speaker to edit my game. Most of the funds raised through indiegogo will be used to pay her fee. I would appreciate any further thoughts and insights you might have concerning my project.

  10. I write this post to contact you as I couldn't locate your contact information, like at the time when I posted on your blog. I apologize for the frustration this might have caused you. It is really important for me that this project succeeds as I spent two years of my life on it. I am not insulted by your post, it's quite amusing actually, and it gives some good points. I understand I should get professional editor, and that is why I need to raise that level of funds, to acquire services of one. Most important thing for me is not to make money with this project, though that would be nice, but to polish this game to perfection. Problems with paypal made me act rash and without thinking as we lost a lot of money and I tried to catch up.


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