Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lejendary Adventure: Essentials - Just Got a Copy - Thoughts?

Somewhere in storage I have the Lejendary Adventure trilogy of rulebooks, signed by EGG himself. Never read them, as I ordered them when I wasn't gaming, but collecting. Now I game AND collect ;)

In any case, I grabbed a copy of Lejendary Adventure: Essentials boxed set on Amazon fairly cheap (certainly cheaper than the original $29.99 the Trolls were asking back in 2004).

So, my questions are as follows:

- Is it worth reading during the week I have off during Christmas (as I have a shitload of RPG related reading / writing to do from now to then).

- Is it worth running? Some games read well and play like crap. Some read like crap and play well.

- If it is worth running, anything else I should look to pick up?


  1. Yes, though be prepared to need a second reading to really grasp it.

    Definitely. LA plays much better than it reads.

    I recall "A Fish for Breakfast" as being a decent module that works well with the Essentials set if you want a follow-up/alternative to Moon Slaves.

  2. @maasenstodt - yeah, i've read that you really need to slowly work your way through character gen to start to really grasp things.

    I'll keep an eye out on "A Fish For Breakfast"


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