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DCC RPG Holiday Contest - Santa Claws as a DCC Patron!

Life is slowly turning back to normal in my neck of the woods. Work is mostly sane. That means it's time for the next DCC RPG Contest:

Santa Claws designed by all of you to be a DCC Patron!

I've actually had this idea kicking around inside my head for a few weeks, but after exchanging some emails with Sean Conners today (and getting a sneak peak of the Angles, Daemons, & Beings Between patron book earlier today) it helped cement what I want to do.

I don't think I need to describe Santa Claws to you in great detail, as it's best to let your imagination fill in the gaps. Santa Claws is Naughty AND Nice. He knows if you've been Naughty or Nice. He brings gifts to those he deems worthy and inflicts punishment on those he feels deserves it. He's also insane, or at least, that's how the rest of the world sees him.

I'll be asking for entries that are:

(Examples are yoked from AD&BB, King Halgaz Bekur)

Invoke Patron Checks - (rolled randomly)

-The insight of the King reaches through the veil of unlife to touch his servant. The touch of the King increases the caster’s Intelligence by 1d6 points for 1d4 hours; however, the caster loses one point of Sta permanently. (good and bad)

-The King sends an emissary to treat with his servant’s enemies. A wraith knight appears and attacks the caster’s enemies. The wraith knight remains for 1d3 turns; afterwards, it is free to act on its own. (probably good)

Patron Taint - Those entering into the Service of Santa Claws are entrusting themselves to a most judgmental being whose decisions can seem almost random and capricious. One rarely gets what one asks for. (rolled randomly)

- The caster’s despairing visage frightens all that cross its sight. The first time this result is rolled, the caster’s face changes to that of a fearful wraith – skin blackens and becomes translucent and eyes burn with a blue-white fire. This occurs for 1d3 turns after casting any spell and all those that view the caster’s face must make a Will save DC 8 or flee for 1d3 rounds. The second time this result is rolled, the caster suffers the condition 1d3 random times per day, in addition to each time a spell is cast. The third time this result is rolled the condition is permanent

- The caster avenges even the most innocent slight. The first time this result is rolled, each time the caster casts a spell, he or she is consumed with feelings of raging vengeance. One randomly determined creature is the subject of the caster’s ire and the caster will do anything to exact his revenge on an imagined slight. The condition lasts for 1d3 turns. The second time this result is rolled, the caster suffers from the condition as described above, however, the state of vengeance lasts for 1d3 hours. At the end of this time, the caster receives a Will save DC 10. On a failure, the condition lasts for another 1d3 hours. The third time this result is rolled, the caster suffers from the condition each time he or she casts a spell, and the condition lasts until the caster has sufficiently exacted his or her revenge on the subject (i.e. the duration is indefinite).

You can enter one or the other, one of each, multiple times, whatever - it's up to you. No more than one gift per person no matter how awesome your entries. A panel will be chosen to decide whose entries are so awesome they should be gifted. Be advised, entries may be reproduced elsewhere (like an issue of Crawl! or a freely released PDF). 

My goal would be to get this put together, fully written with spells and such and distributed freely to the DCC Community in PDF. With luck, it would be ready for Christmas in July of 2013 ;)

Ah, yes, what are the gifts?

A current issue of Crawl!, donated by Rev Dak

DCC #69: The Emerald Enchanter, generously donated by a reader of this blog (Print Copy)

AL 3: Through the Cotillion of Hours, donated by Purple Duck Games (Print Copy)

Attack of the Frawgs, donated by Thick Skull Adventures (Print Copy)

A Tenkar's Tavern Beer Stein, donated by me (Drinking Copy)


A copy of The Dungeoneer Compendium of Issues 1-6 from Judges Guild donated by me (Print Copy)

Knowledge Illuminates donated by Tim Shorts of the Gothridge Manor Blog

Possibly a shirt or two bearing the Tavern's Banner art and the caption "My Party Got Wasted at Tenkar's Tavern!" if I get that hooked up before the contest is over.

Notice that all of the above is stuff that will need to be mailed (mostly by me)? Good, because the contest will run until December 20th  25th, 2012. Get your entries in by midnight that night, NYC time. I'll look to announce winners on the 23rd or the 24th 27th or so and mail the goodies out in the week after Christmas.

Enter and enter often ;)

So, have you been naughty or nice?


  1. Sounds like a great idea for a Patron - might even be fun for me to draw up, if you want an accompanying Angels, Daemons and Beings Between styled illustration.

  2. @David - I'm no fool ;)

    If you want to give it a go, I'd love to see it, post it, drool, etc :)

  3. You must be goint to live to be 103... obscure but maybe you know the reference.

    I'm in the midst of some other commissioned art, but drawing Santa is a pleasure not a task lol.

  4. Patron taint: Elven thralls have toiled for years in the mines and manufactories of Santa Claws' arctic stronghold, enslaved to his every whim.

    First time rolled: After casting a spell, the magical influence of Santa Claws bleeds through the spell, all enemy elves immediately focus their attacks on caster. Neutral and friendly elves must make a Will save DC 10 or do the same. For 1d3 rounds these attacks will be frenzied and vicious, afterwards the elves will attack with their normal tactics.

    The second time this result is rolled enemy elves will focus frenzied, bloodthirsty attacks on caster until they or the caster are killed. All friendly and neutral elves must make a DC 15 will save or do the same.

    The third time this result is rolled your spiritual energy makes you an object of immediate and permanent hatred for all elvenkind.

  5. @David - no rush at all. I'm flattered you want to give it a go.

    As for the obscure reference, it seems familiar but i cant place it yet - give me some time ;)

  6. @Stuart - this is going to be an awesome contest! :)

    excellent and amazing start

  7. Flavor (not really an invoke check or a taint): Supplicants can only invoke the "favor" of claws by leaving out some coppers and a small glass of blood and then resting for a night. Results are dependent upon the type of blood but nobody has figured out what type (or whose) works best. The only known constant is that fresher is better.

  8. Santa Claws provides supplicant with a red velvet bag. Outside of combat, the bag is just a bag. During combat supplicant can reach in and pull out a "present". Roll d100. 1-99 Supplicant pulls out a thrown weapon with splash or explosive damage, 1d6. On a 100 Santa Claws thinks supplicant has been naughty, bag develops teeth and begins to gnaw on supplicant's hand (and arm).

  9. The print copy of the Emerald Enchanter was donated by yours truly courtesy of The Savage AfterWorld!

    /end pimpage

  10. Some random ideas:
    Krampus, a goat-like demon wielding a birch rod is sent to punish the wicked. Links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krampus, http://www.etsy.com/blog/en/2010/krampus-the-darker-side-of-christmas/, and my favorite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSFAUyZVfdQ.

    Hearth Magic: the caster is able to teleport from one fireplace to another. Maybe a patron spell?

    Santa sends elves to spy on a target of the casters choice. The elves are invisible, or perhaps just very small. They enter the targets home and spy on them, reporting back to the caster.

    1. The caster is teleported to Santa's Artic Fortress. He can choose an item made by Santa's elves to aid him. He has 1dX minutes to find something before he is transported back from where he came.

  11. Invoke Patron Result:
    Summon Reign(deer) of Terror! 1d8 Deer are sent by Santa to lay waste to the naughty and aid the nice. If this use would be considered a Sin (pg # the info is on)or the caster has not fullfilled Santa's quests satisfactorily then Santa may determine that the caster must be erradicated (80% or higher)( d% + 10%/outstanding quest or sin). Reign(deer) of Terror stats: (afterwork)

    1. Roll Xd10 (X being the number of Deer Summoned)
      1. Dasher (type I demon): Init +0; Atk Horns +7 melee (1d8+6) or bite +5 melee (2d4+4) or trample +6 (2d6+8); AC 13; HD 3d12; MV 60' or fly 120'; Act 1d20; Breath Weapon: cold, fort DC 13, dmg 3d12 or 50% with save, line: W10' L3d6x10'; SV Fort +0, Ref +4, Wil +4

      2. Dancer (type I demon): Init +2; Atk Horns +5 melee (1d6+6) or bite +6 melee (2d4+3) or trample +8 (2d6+8); AC 15; HD 4d12; MV 60' or fly 120'; Act 1d20; Paralysis 1 per 3 rnds, DC14 Will, for 1d4 days or 1d4 hours with save; SV Fort +2, Ref +4, Wil +2

      3. Prancer(type I demon): Init +1; Atk Horns +2 melee (4d8+6) or bite +1 melee (5d4+4) or trample +5 (3d6+8); AC 11; HD 3d12; MV 40' or fly 80'; Act 1d20; can cast charm person once per round; SV Fort +2, Ref +2, Wil +4

      4. Vixen (type I demon): Init +1; Atk Horns +0 melee (1d8+6) or bite +4 melee (2d4+4) or trample +2 (2d6+8); AC 13; HD 3d12; MV 40' or fly 80'; Act 1d20; Horrific Beauty, once per 3 rounds Vixen may force an enemy to save versus the compulsion to kiss her, Gains a free bite atk; SV Fort +2, Ref +2, Wil +4

      5. Comet (type I demon): Init +6; Atk Horns +7 melee (4d8+6) or bite +0 melee (1d4+4) or trample +1 (2d6+8); AC 15; HD 4d12; MV 80' or fly 160'; Act 1d20; Meteor, can charge if flying, gains +5d30 dmg; SV Fort +0, Ref +4, Wil +0

      6. Cupid (type I demon): Init +2; Atk Horns +3 melee (1d8+6) or bite +2 melee (2d4+4) or trample +2 (2d6+8); AC 15; HD 2d12; MV 40' or fly 120'; Act 1d20; Breath Weapon: Ballista +10 Ranged atk, 7d12, 1 per 4 rounds; SV Fort +4, Ref +2, Wil +0

      7. Donner (type I demon): Init +2; Atk Horns +5 melee (5d8+6) or bite +2 melee (2d4+4) or trample +4 (2d6+8); AC 14; HD 4d12; MV 40' or fly 80'; Act 1d20; Sonic Boom, once per encounter, he can break the sound barrier and deals 3d12 sonic dmg, DC14 Fort save; SV Fort +2, Ref +4, Wil +2

      8. Blitzen (type I demon): Init +4; Atk Horns +4 melee (3d8+6) or bite +2 melee (2d4+4) or trample +6 (2d6+8); AC 15; HD 5d12; MV 40' or fly 120'; Act 1d20; Breath Weapon: electricity, ref DC 15, dmg 5d12 or 50% with save, 1-4 line forks: W5' L3d6x10'(drawn from Blitzen to the targets as long the total line length; SV Fort +2, Ref +4, Wil +0

      9. Rudolph (type III demon) Init +4; Atk Horns +10 melee (3d8+6) or bite +8 melee (2d4+4) or trample +6 (2d6+8); AC 19; HD 8d12; MV 40' or fly 120'; Act 2d20; XP Drain, 3d20 XP, DC20 Will save; SV Fort +10, Ref +10, Will +12.
      Rudolph is never happy to be called but understands that some people need to be guided. If it is sunny, he is filled with rage and attacks the caster. He will help if it is dark (dungeon), or cloudy or foggy.

      10. Judge's choice

      Only 7 days longer than planned!
      2kCP +duncan mcphedran

  12. Invoke Patron Result:

    Santa Claws sends forth some Little Helpers. 2d5 Small, naked and pale elf-like creatures appear in 1d4 rounds from beneath beds, out of chimneys, from around trees or underneath rocks. They're armed with ancient farm tools and can smell anyone who has been bad or good in relation to the invoker and Santa Claw.

    Little Helpers: Init +1; Atk farm tool +1 (dmg 1d4) ; AC 14; HD 1d6+1; Act 1d20; SP sense of smell, snow vision & darkvision 60’, regeneration, immune to cold; SV Fort +0 (+2 in snow), Ref +2, Will +0; AL N.

    Little Helpers can regenerate (1d4 hp per round) if they are contact with snow or ice. They can smell any living creatures, sensing their location, within 100’. They can see in the dark and through a thick blizzard up to 60’.

  13. Not sure how to put the image into your blog but here is the link to the picture on my DeviantArt acoount. You can download from there. I give you Santa Patron:

  14. Invoke Patron Result:

    When Santa Claws is invoked, he chuckles and jiggles like a bowl full of deer guts. His laughter rolls down to his supplicant:

    A cookie appears in the PCs hand. If broken, crumbled and/or dropped to the ground, the cookie springs to life as a gingerbread golem. The golem is loyal to the PCs every imagined wish with the stats of HD: 1d8; HP:3; Save +2; Attack Bonus: +6. Whenever the golem takes a hit, there is a 20% chance the party and any other creatures in the area will stop whatever they are doing and eat the gingerbread golem. There is no save for this. "Oooh nooo!"

    If the PC eats the cookie in one bite, the PC will not hunger for the remainder of the adventure. That's all.

    The Taint of Santa:

    Santa sets aside his magical pipe and sighs the last puff of smoke to his supplicant.

    On an even roll of 1d6, the smoke envelops the PC who becomes blinded for 1d3 rounds. Immediately, the smokey aroma remains with the PC for the rest of the adventure and drives all insectoid, reptilian, and other wild beasts, and all undead from any close combat with the PC.

    On an odd roll of 1d6, the smoke is blown away by an errant breeze and the PC is unaffected by the Santa smoke. However, so Santa can easily find the PC in the future, sleigh-bells tinkle and ring when ever the PC walks, crawls, swims or otherwise moves. All creatures that hear or feel vibration are aware of the PCs approach. He is unable to surprise them.

  15. I'm not completely familiar with DCC, so I'm making some guesses as to possible mechanics.

    Patron Taint: Knows Who's Naughty

    Santa imbues the supplicant with the knowledge of who's naughty.

    On the first time this is rolled, the supplicant immediately knows who in his eyesight has been naughty. The thrill of this knowledge, and the strangeness with with the supplicant deals with naughty folk, knowing their secrets, imposes a -2 Personality penalty to interactions.

    The second time this is rolled, creatures have an odd feeling about the supplicant, as if he's dangerous somehow. Peaceful interactions suffer from a -4 penalty. In combat, creatures must make a DC 12 Will save to not favor the supplicant for attacks.

    The third time this is rolled, creatures *know* the supplicant knows. Depending on their nature, creatures may attempt to gain the supplicants favor, as if to make up to him or her. More often then not, they'll ignore or leave the supplicants presence. Interactions utilizing Personality checks are impossible. Creatures prone to violence may attempt to solve the problem of the supplicant knowing their secrets for good. In combat, a DC 20 Will save is required to not attack the supplicant.

    2kCP - +Mark Bober

  16. Invoke Patron:
    Black Peter is sent by Santa Claws to collect one who's been "Naughty."
    Black Peter's form varies, but he normally has at least 1 pair of arms and his skin or hide is always coal-black. He carries a large burlap sack in one hand, and has the other free. Use any random monster or demon generator to create Black Peter's form, with the stipulations above.

    Upon this result being rolled, the Wizard will hear Santa Claws laughing (though others will not) as Black Peter appears suddenly in a plume of smoke. Every creature present must make a Will save as Peter probes their minds for naughty deeds. He will attempt to stuff those with the lowest saves rolled into his sack using any means his form allows and disappear in a crack of flame and soot that reeks of sappy pine, back to Santa Claws's Realm.

    Should Black Peter be "defeated" his form disassembles into a pile of burnt-out coals and his sack is left behind. The sack, in the hands of mere mortals, is larger on the inside, enough so to accomidate 4 humans worth of objects. However, anything stored in the sack will be covered in coal dust and battered upon retrieval, though thorough searching of the sack reveals nothing to cause this. Anyone placed in the sack and left there by a mortal will take 1d6 damage per turn and likewise come out covered in coal dust.

    Needless to say, slaying the form of Black Peter does not permanently kill him, and it angers Santa Claws greatly. If this is rolled another time after Black Peter has been killed, he will seek out those who killed him to the exclusion of all others.

  17. I wrote a yuletide adventure that you can mine for ideas, if you like. You can find it at http://d-h.st/K6k

  18. I wrote a Yuletide adventure you can mine for ideas. It's free, and it's available here: http://d-h.st/K6k

  19. k = contest is now officially closed - give me a day or two to decide on the winners ;)


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