Sunday, November 25, 2012

Is Fantasy Flight Games Clearing Out its WFRP 3rd Edition Stock?

FFG is running a sale on adventures and accessories for it's WFRP 3rd Edition system, selling stuff as low as 33 cents on the dollar.

These prices aren't sale prices, they are "clearing out the warehouse prices".

I picked up WFRP3 when it released, and I was disappointed in the system myself. It seemed more interested in the new dice gimmick then being an RPG. I literally had no idea so much had been released for WFRP. At the discounted prices FFG is offering, I guess I'm not the only one.

Good deals if you already play WFRP3, as the boxed set itself is not on sale.

(thanks to Mark from Creative Mountain Games for the heads up)


  1. At the point when it came out, I already had (and liked) 2nd edition. It read a couple of reviews about 3rd ed., and it didn't seem like my cup of tea, anyway.

    I'll still hold up 2nd ed. against just about any other fantasy RPG out there. I'm not particularly committed to the mythos part of the game, though. WFRPG has such a fully-defined backstory that sometimes I just get sick of it. The system itself, though, is a decent one, though I think Small But Vicious Dog is pretty cool as well (and gets away from use of percentile dice)

  2. What's weird is that they stuck to the WFRP2 system for their ever-expanding Warhammer 40,000 line of rpgs. I wonder if the success of that has made them think twice about WFRP3?

    On the other hand, their new Star Wars rpg follows the same kind of design thinking as WFRP3 so maybe not.

    1. I think they realized first hand how ugly edition wars can get. I don't have a problem with the mechanics of 3rd edition; I just don't appreciate how it also took 2nd edition out of print. At least they kept it available in PDF.

  3. A lot of stuff in that sale is pants-wettingly cheap. If I lived in the states and didn't have the ludicrous shipping costs, I would be buying all my holiday gifts from there.


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