Monday, November 26, 2012

Wizards & Warriors TV Series Circa 1983 - With Video Link!

Somehow I missed the Wizards & Warriors TV series when it first came out in 1983. That's very surprising, as I was just getting to my full steam of AD&D 1e gaming.

Jeff Conaway seems to have kept some of his Taxi era hairstyle.

My God, but this is painful shit to watch so far (halfway into the first episode).

I think we should watch episodes on a weekly basis and discuss them as if it were high literature ;)

Anyone willing to go along with this horrible idea?


  1. Bear in mind it was meant to be a quirky comedy, not serious.

  2. @Jeremy - the parts I've found to be funny, weren't meant to be, and the parts that were meant to be funny, weren't ;)

  3. We could watch them in an on-air hangout... fake-smart-talking or mocking as the mood took us.

  4. @Adam - that could work too - can you stream a single vid in a hangout session?

  5. i remember the invisible dragon (cheap)- and the villain helps heroes at last episode - girls in my school loved this show - my dad compared it with 60s batman

  6. I obviously hold a higher opinion of the show:


  7. God I remember it as a kid. It was bad even as a kid... but I loved it anyway.


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