Monday, November 26, 2012

What Can You Tell Me About "High Fantasy" RPG by Jeffery Dillow

I grabbed High Fantasy and Adventures in High Fantasy on Ebay based solely on the fact that I had never come across it before and I had had a little extra money in my virtual wallet.

So, aside from the really scary combat chart, is there a reason for me to do any more than skim the rules and steal ideas from the adventure book?

Bueller? Bueller?...


  1. I think I have a copy of that. Isn't it like a regular sized hardcover book? Not like a big rulebook? More like a novel or something.

    The first half or so is actually pretty interesting, about the roots of roleplaying games in fiction and such, and then bits on building a believable world. Then you get to the rules, which are terrible.

    Maybe I'm thinking of another book, mine didn't have a dustcover.

  2. Those covers more then make up for that table. That game needs to be framed.

  3. I have two of the adventures in the original softcover, and I have to say they are fairly rockin'. One is set in the dead body of a god, and the other involves capturing a fortress, which has some nicely mythic material in it as well.

  4. I have run some of the adventures from both the book Adventures in High Fantasy, as well as Fortress Ellendar and Goldchester. Those were all converted from the High Fantasy system to AD&D1E - it was a pretty easy conversion, if I recall, but the adventures themselves were well worth the effort.

  5. Play through the solo adventure in the rule book sometime. It's probably the best one ever written.

  6. Holy Hell - I gotta tell you, I found and bought this one (first edition) ... and ran it (last night). That scary combat table works out to be surprisingly easy to use (I was shocked ... ).

  7. Holy hell - I just picked this one up the other day (1st edition) - and ran a short adventure bit with it (same day - last night, in fact).

    I was also pretty stunned - that combat table, despite being frightening looking ... turns out to be super simple to use. I was stunned (and not Stunned).


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