Friday, November 30, 2012

What the Hell is "Con Crud"?

"Con Crud" seems to be the most used (abused) excuse when someone's Kickstarter Projects is running late:

"Just got back from the con circuit and con crud has left me useless"

"Here's my list of five excuses... oh, and Con Crud."

Is "Con Crud the "mono" of the RPG Con circuit?

Or is it simply "I'm tired from a weekend of gaming, my voice is hoarse and I have jet lag".

Would it keep you from doing a real job if your weren't going to get paid for the days of work you miss due to "Con Crud"?

Would you have your doc put "Con Crud" on your sick note?

Is there an accepted definition of "Con Crud", or is it another bullshit term thrown around instead of saying "I feel run down from partying"?


  1. People from all over mix and spread germs that they might not be exposed to at home. I've come back from cons with all sorts of minor - but icky - illnesses from stomach bugs to colds and flu.

    Add in poor diet, late nights and the fact that many gamers are introverts and find socialising draining and you get something like a terrible hangover combined with a higher likelihood of minor sickness.

  2. @Grim - all that is too be expected - I can see you out of sorts for a day or three.

    Blaming the lateness of whatever Kickstarter on "Con Crud" is a crock of shit in my opinion. If you would go to work and get paid with Con Crud, it shouldnt be setting a Kickstarter back by weeks / months / whatever.

  3. Con Crud has only ever kept me down for a day or two. Oddly enough I usually get more done writing wise.

  4. One of the reasons I have not attempted a Kickstarter is my doubt that I could commit to a timeline at this point in my life. I would rather pay for my projects out of pocket and complete them more slowly than make promises I cannot keep. Assuming, of course, I could ever get funded.

  5. Here in Jersey we have a thing called "Cape May Crud." A term usually used by the recruits at the Coast Guard base to describe the communal cold they contract every year.

    1. I was about to mention the Cape May Crud, when I was in basic the cause was pretty much explained as this "You are immune to many colds and flus from where you are from, as is everybody else here. But you are not immune to the colds and flus that they are, like you they have brought them with them. Enjoy mixing that into melting pot of being sick. Here's a bag of vitamin C and various other cold remedies." Made the first week or so just plain miserable but you are still operable. Con crud is the exact same type of thing. It's not a viable excuse for not getting your work done. It sucks, but you are operable.

    2. My son is currently in Basic and just got over an upper respiratory infection. (Relatively serious - he lost almost 5 weeks of training due to it)

      I understand Con Crud exists, but as you said, it's not an excuse not to work if it's the usual cold and flu BS

  6. Just to be specific: SOUTH Jersey. The real Jersey.

  7. I have caught the con crud a couple times at Gen Con, missed a few days. Believe me, it is VERY real. :)

  8. I do some significant travel for work where I mingle with lots and lots of people, work hard, and miss tons of sleep. Coming back from those trips I usually don't want to work but I hella want to game. I think I get more writing/DM prep done while suffering "con crud."

  9. This is just linguistic shorthand that refers to a common experience for enough people...it's a quick way of summarizing, "I am experience numerous minor ailments on top of being jet-lagged and having partied too much" without having to write that every time. I would relax about the term....it's just the fluidity of language in action.

  10. Con Crud is a real "thing" as I've caught it myself. It could very well screw you up for several days. But as an excuse to explain a delay of several weeks/months? No fuggin' way. It's like claiming you needed to miss 2 weeks of work due to a nasty cold.

  11. Getting 4 hours of sleep a night doesn't help the immune system any ...


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