Monday, April 9, 2012

Time For Some Treasure Hunting

I'm off today, with the stated purpose of getting yet more of my crap organized and put into storage.  Most of that crap isn't really crap, but my RPG collection.  It resides in many places, even nooks and crannies in the basement (I found Deadlands buried on a shelf yesterday as I looked for folding chairs for the Easter company).

I've decided before I even clean out the closet of stuff I can see and identify, I need to search the basement for stuff I don't readily see and need to refind.  I'm still looking for my original Runequest 2 Hardback (tho' I did uncover the dustcover) and my 1st edition Paranoia Box.  Good time and memories are within both.

Alright, enough blather.  Time to start digging.

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