Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Time of Rebirth - Time For a New Campaign :)

It's Easter Sunday, and I'm working on the timing for starting up my ACKS campaign.  I was hoping to start it shortly after Easter, but I'm still waiting on the dead tree copy of the core rulebook (and the accompanying GaryCon pre-released Adventurer's Companion).

I'm really looking forward to putting this in motion.

When it comes to running a game, I feel much more comfortable having a hard copy of the core rules in hand, even if I'm going to be running it via G+ Hangout.  For settings and adventures, I can just print out what I need for that session, referring to the PDF if the party throws some surprises my way.  As a player, PDF is generally all I need, as I have the time to look up what I need.

Hmmm... three hours before company starts to arrive.  Need to setup the Roomba Robot to clean some floors.  Time enough to get some reading in too if I'm lucky.


  1. Let me know when/if you get it running, I'm interested. :)

  2. awesome! you are more than welcome :)

    i'm figuring a week after i get the dang book more or less! heh

    i need to read from dead tree sometimes to catch all the nuances.

    prep is coming along well at least.

    i'm figuring every other sat night to start, but day / time / frequency will be a group decision in the end

  3. I know I'm old when I can say "Hey, Saturdays would be perfect. I never have any plans Saturday night."

  4. heh... i know the feeling.

    the wife likes saturday nights. she can do yoga then watch documentaries on her iPad ;)


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