Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Games From the Basement - Starfire (Spaceship Combat Game)

I really, really wanted to get into Starfleet Battles back in the day.  There were just a few problems with it that I saw.

One - It looked really rules heavy.

Two - It seemed to have an endless supply of supplements.

Three - No one in my game group had any interest in playing it.

My solution?  Starfire, from Task Force Games.  One box seemed to cover everything from Introductory to Immediate, it was cheaper than Star Fleet Battles and possibly, just possibly, someone in my gaming group would play it with me.

That never happened, as I punched out (2) two, yes, (2) two starship counters.  Oh, and the dice included are one of the smallest pairs of D6s I've ever seen ;)


  1. David Weber wrote a series of novels based on Starfire and I've been interested in seeing what the system is like ever since reading them. I will have to see about finding a copy.

  2. @Jason - I'll let you know what happens when I'm finished packing. I've a feeling I may very well let this one go.

    Not all that attached to it, as I literally never played it ;)

  3. This is an excellent game, its a shame you never had a chance to play it.

  4. i need to take a picture later to show the unpunched counters ;)

  5. You should give it a try. I've never played it but the books made it sound very cool. If you do decide to part with it please let me know.


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