Saturday, April 7, 2012

From The Far Far Past of the RPG Internet...

Back in the way way back, I used to print out word text documents for my free RPGs.

There was no such thing as "formatting".

There was no included artwork.

Just Walls of Text...


  1. The good old days. My university had a gaming newsletter for a while that I would contribute ASCII art and cartoons to. It was a way back when there was a whole 2 high speed dot matrix printers in the computer lab.
    I've still got a box somewhere with hundreds of pages of green and white printer paper with gaming stuff somewhere... I think... I'm going to have to go look in gamehalla.

  2. I tend to accrue PDF/other electronic materials rather than hardcopies and use a Kindle to read them: the wall of plain text is superior for a small e-reader.

  3. I remember those days, too... some of my favorite times were on the barebones IRC chans back in the early 90s or with the ascii rogue-like games, etc

  4. yep, IRC and later AOL chatrooms.

    even played in a AD&D game via AOL chat back then. Shit got too expensive, even though the GM was great

  5. Reminds me a lot of the gaming walk-through text files. :)
    I'm still in a quandary about printing large docs. I think I need to go on a book binding course!

    All hail impoverished artists and print-on-demand book stores! ;)


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