Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Update - Charles "Chuck" Wright (Frog God Games) had Leg Amputated Below the Knee - Please Consider Giving to His Medical and Therapy Expenses

I got this update last night and I'm sharing this with The Tavern's Community:
Some of you may have been following the developments of the recent hospitalization of Frog God Games' own Charles Wright. Charles is our friend, art director, layout artist, and an owner of Frog God Games, and he has been struggling with health issues for several years. From the GoFundMe site that we established as well as other fund raising efforts by members of the this tight-knit RPG community we enjoy you are perhaps already aware that Chuck went into the hospital recently for complications related to infection in his foot that are secondary to his diabetes. We knew he would be losing a few toes and maybe a larger portion of his foot but were awaiting word of the surgeons' determination of the extent of the infection. Well, I have just gotten off the phone with Bill and learned that Chuck underwent a full Below-Knee Amputation, so it was considerably worse than expected. Our thoughts and prayers as well as those of the community as large go out to Chuck, and we appreciate all the support that has been given to help offset the considerable expense that Chuck is going to experience from his surgeries and rehabilitation.
The generous readers of The Tavern have already contributed over $750 to Chuck's medical and therapy expenses. With the $250 that The Tavern matched, we've raised over $1,000. Still, we need to raise more as the situation is more severe than initially imagined.

We have a large number of gifts available for those that donate and indicate their donation here at The Tavern. A very large number of gifts.

Here's the updated gift list:

- $50 gift certificate for adventure modules (Print) at Pacesetter Games 

- $50 gift certificate for miniatures at Pacesetter Games (thanks Bill Barsh)

- 2 PDF copies and 1 SC Print copy of Sisters of the Aquarian Order+Timothy Brannan )

- 10 bundles of Class Hack and Race Hack for the Black Hack RPG +Mark Craddock )

- 1 PRINT HC Copy White Star Core Rulebook

- 1 PRINT HC Copy (B&W) The Hero's Journey

- 10 PDF Bundles White Star Core Rulebook and White Star Companion

- 10 PDF Copies of The Sunken City Adventures Omnibus & Guide

- 5 PDF Copies of The Carnival of the Damned

- 5 PDF Copies of Far Away Land: Tome of Awesome

- 5 PDF Sets of a full run of Crawling Under a Broken Moon (issues #1-#13)

- 1 PDF Bundle of everything +John Stater has published (NOD, Blood & Treasure, Grit & Vigor, much more)

- 1 Stock Art Bundle by +Denis McCarthy

- 2 $25 RPGNow Gift Certificates donated by The Tavern

For those that donate and don't receive something from the above list, +Steve Gilman is offering PDF copies of Betrayal at Lucir for Swords & Wizardry or Pathfinder

Here's how the gifting will work. For every $10 donated to Chuck Wright's Medical and Recovery Expenses by a Tavern Reader, that reader get's their name thrown into a hat with the other readers that donated. Donate 10 bucks, name goes in once, donate 50 bucks, your name goes in 5 times, etc.

You can receive more than one gift. You can not receive the same gift more than once.

I was going to pull the names tomorrow, but with the amount of donated gifts we have, I'm pushing off the drawing to Saturday Night, April 30th. Get those donations in by 9PM Eastern Saturday Night to be in the drawing.

Here's the link to Chuck's Fundraiser at GoFundMe

I am NOT a mind reader, so you will need to identify your donation as a comment on this post and who you donated as and how much your donation was for. (if you have already identified your donation on a previous post, I have it. No need to comment again)

The goal is to raise at least $10,000 for Chuck and I'd like to see The Tavern's Readers hit at least 10% of that. Actually, I'd like to see us hit substantially more.

A huge thanks to +James Spahn , +Jon Marr , +David Baity , +Far Away Land RPG , +John Stater , +Denis McCarthy , +Reid San Filippo and everyone who has donated thus far.

(For publishers that are looking to donate additional gifts, please hold on to them for now. There may be further need of them down the line, either for Chuck or another member of our community. We are not taking donations of further gifts for donors at this time.)


  1. I was able to give 10 (as Jonathan Linneman). Props to all who have been so generous with their time, money, and concern for this.

  2. I gave 20. My family suffers from diabetes and watching my grandfather and his sister lose parts of their legs taught me that it shouldn't happen and that he can persevere.

  3. Must be Diabetes Day. Just donated to a friend's bike ride in memoriam of her sister, as well. Anyway, $25, Vance Atkins.

  4. I donated $10 anonymously -- I'm not in it for the swag, I'm in it because I am also a diabetic, and this possible future terrifies me.

  5. Over the past 10 years I watched a friend of mine slowly lose more and more of himself to diabetes, it's a hard thing. I gave some, I wish I could give more, but I hope the best for Chuck.

  6. Erik, I'll donate 10 copies each of The Class Hack and The Race Hack (both for The Black Hack by David Black). You can give them both to 10 people or one each to 20 people. Just send me the e-mail addresses (mark at crossplanes.com) and what they get, please.

  7. I sent in my 25 bucks as Timothy Brannan. Thanks for including the copies of SotAO as well.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Afraid it's not much but $10 as C Parisi; what a horrible thing to have to wake up to . . .

  10. I donated $20 as Steven Kornegay. I hope it helps. Thanks to everyone who gave and to those still to give.

  11. I donated $10 as Andrew Crenshaw

  12. Add a set of signed and numbered AS&SH adventure modules from North Wind Adventures: "Ghost Ship of the Desert Dunes," "Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess," and "Beneath the Comet." A $66 value, or perhaps more, as I have very limited supply of signed & numbered sets left from last year's Kickstarter. Best wishes to Chuck and his family, and I'm very thankful for his service.

    Jeff Talanian

  13. $20 and a +4 to his recovery die roll. Thank you for making people aware of this. They're over their goal of $10,000!
    Donated as Todd A Reed.

  14. Stay strong, Chuck! We're pulling for you! I've been reading your stuff since Slumbering Tsar and want it to continue for a long time indeed!

    I donated $20 as Steven Robert.

  15. Tenkar: I forgot to post here too, but overall a $50 donation from me as noted on a previous post...great job everyone!...Tony T.

  16. Occasional reader of this blog; I also chipped in $10 (as Keith Mullen) and hope for a speedy recovery.


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