Friday, April 29, 2016

Excellent Geek & Sundry Article About Chaosium's $500k Kickstarter Nearly Dooming the Company

Geek & Sundry have an article about Chaosium raising a half million bucks with the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition Kickstarter and how the "success" nearly did the company in. Among other things, understanding international shipping costs is key.

If nothing else, the article makes me want to spend  some cash at the Chaosium Store to reward the new owners for doing right by the Kickstarter backers they inherited and gamers in general.

Here's a small piece:

You can read the full article here: Geek & Sundry


  1. Frog God Games and/or Goodman Games started it on their Kickstarters that I follow, don't charge shipping until shipment. The costs don't over-inflate the totals and also the charge is going to be correct. Crazy to do it any other way! Though Goodman Games are very trusting in billing AFTER you've received the items!

    1. I agree with you. I usually have the product for at least a couple weeks before getting an invoice for shipping from Goodman. Very trusting indeed.

  2. Watch out, Tenkar: you linked the Geek & Sundry article on the "Chaosium Store" link.

    That said, I've been spending so much on Chaosium stuff recently that I feel like I'm definitely doing my part.

  3. Wait...fulfilling your obligations and doing what is right is now worthy of a reward? How our culture has sunken.

    1. I think the message here is that the new owners of Chaosium became the new owners in order to fulfill the obligations of the kickstarter. The New Moon crew weren't part of the Kickstarter or Chaosium, but purchased their way in after things went off the rails and then used their own money (to the tune of a 100k) to deliver what others had promised. You should take a look at the article - very interesting. And I'm also very happy to have received my 7th edition books last week.


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