Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Tavern Just Matched the First $250 Raised at The Tavern for Chuck Wright - Let's Keep it Going!

Readers of The Tavern have raised at least $390 for the Chuck Wright Medical Expenses and Recovery Fund and The Tavern just matched the first $250 - which means the readers of The Tavern helped raise $640 for Chuck and his medical expenses.

We're not done yet.

I'm going to give away two $25 RPGNow gift certificates to two random donors that identify their donation here at The Tavern (you can indicate your donation in this post or the original post but please, not in both places.) For each $10 donated you'll have one entry into the pool of chances to win one of the two gift certificates.

Donations must be made and identified by Wednesday, 9 PM Eastern, April 27th to be put in the pool. Gift certificates recipients will be announced during Wednesday's Tavern Chat and posted here at The Tavern.

Please, give generously.

Thanks to all that have given, especially those of you counted as regular readers of The Tavern. As always, you prove time and time again how generous and special you all are. It is an honor to be your bartender ;)


  1. Half way to the goal on day one, good luck Chuck!

  2. Erik, if you don't mind the extra bookkeeping, I'd be happy to donate 10 PDF copies of the Sunken City Omnibus as rewards for Tavern members who give as well. Just let me know. :)


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