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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Kickstarter - Irregular Webcomic!: Burning Down the Alehouse

Fire. It solves every problem in an RPG session

I don't normally respond well to links dropped in the comments section for another post, but this didn't actually feel spammy, so I looked.

It's got an Alehouse in it's title, so it has to be at least worthy of a quick peek.

To my surprise, Irregular Webcomic!: Burning Down the Alehouse looks to be entertaining.

I only backed at the $6, PDF level and it has just over a day to go and about $700 to fund, so funding is iffy.

Ah well, back to teaching myself Savage Worlds for the Savage Worlds Rifts Kickstarter.


  1. David Morgan-Mar gave me my first good mini painting advice. You know, just because you were wondering.

  2. Thanks, Erik! I debated whether it was appropriate to drop the link there. But, I did pick a post about "Kickstarter" and I think this might be relevant to our crowd, so I figured what the hell :)

    Matt, plenty of funny ones! I think this book is fantasy strips only, so you can start here:


    The link nav box has a "Next" button that sticks within the fantasy theme.

    Though part of the fun of Irregular Webcomic is how many themes there are. And when they cross over :)

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Erik! It funded, so that's cool. It's probably not going to peak too much above, but every little bit helps get toward break-even. (David's unfortunately busy with a family matter at this time ... but I'm sure he's glad to see this project get funded. He's been thinking about IWC books for years.)


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