Thursday, April 28, 2016

Free! Fantasy Stock Art (what it says on the tin)

Is it free or is it PWYW? I'm going to go with "free" with a tip jar.

Free or PWYW, the Free! Fantasy Stock Art offering from Axebane Games / Daniel F. Walthall is well worth your time to download if you publish, blog, need some visuals of weapons or other items for your weekly game.

Here's a few samples:


  1. The entire package looks nice. Unless this month looks like as bad as I think it's going to be sales-wise (and I'm not holding out hope for the next couple days), I'll be tossing some money into his "tipjar" and putting the illos in my stockpile of art for future use.

    (I might just toss him some money anyway, because I can see an immediate use for two of the illos already. I'll just have to see how tight my pocket feels.)

  2. Just bought this as well. I love to support stock artists!


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