Friday, April 29, 2016

A Not So Short Follow-Up Question to Tim Kask's Questions about the Gygax Memorial Fund

Something was rattling through my head last night as I tried to sleep. You know the thoughts I'm talking about - nagging questions that hit you right as you're about to fall asleep.

Yes, +Tim Kask cost me some sleep last night.

Fact: On every return for the Gygax Memorial Fund (GMF), Gail Gygax claims X hours a week on fund related activities. The yearly breakdown is as follows: (note, everyone that has donated to the fund should review the fund's financial info)

2010 - 5 hrs

2011 - 3 hrs

2012 - 5 hrs

2013 - 5 hrs

2014 - 5 hrs

Fact: The Gygax Memorial Fund took in $421 in 2014

Fact: Gail Gygax was sick for much of 2014 (see below)

"Gail Gygax looks thinner and walks slower than the last time she brought her plans for a Gary Gygax memorial before the city park commission. A childhood illness that went untreated is now affecting her kidneys and liver, Gygax said in a November interview. Earlier this year, she required surgery and a two-month hospital stay to heal the damage... That work was interrupted this past spring, Gygax said. She said she began to feel ill while preparing to go to a game trade show in Las Vegas. She cancelled her trip at the last moment, and shortly thereafter she was hospitalized. No one else could pick up the slack while she recuperated." From the Lake Geneva Regional News
by Chris Schultz, December 04, 2014 (emphasis mine)

Observation: Gail devoted as much time to the GMF in 2014 as she did any other year according to the 2014 990EZ-Part IV

Question: There are two other members on the board of the GMF: Michael and Diane Curtis - They devote 52 hrs a year each to GMF business. Why could they not pick up the slack?

Yeah, this bit cost me some sleep...


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  2. 1 - http://www.tenkarstavern.com/search/label/gygax%20memorial%20fund#uds-search-results Start with the November 25th, 2015 post

    2 - 5+1+1 = 7 52 weeks x 7 hrs a week 364 hours a year according to the tax filings.

    3 - Statue by the same artist that did the Fonz Statue https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bronze_Fonz

  3. "I'm excited about the progress the Gygax Memorial Fund is making towards building a statute of my beloved husband Gary Gygax. Larry Elmore is working on two concepts. The architect and construction company has completed the design phase for the foundation. Once we have decided on the design, we will go on to the Planning Commission, then to the City Council for approval of the design. We hope to break ground in 2017. The GMF will be selling bricks. I hope game groups and individuals will be interested in having their name at the base of the monument memoralizing a great man we all love. I miss Gary every day, our home is the same but he is not here." Posted today 4/29 on Gail's FB page

  4. As long as those hours she claims are not compensated, as implied by the screenshot you provide, then why bring attention to that? Seems irrelevent, key thing is, nothing is happening, at all, despite a pot of gold of over 200k. Now that smells fishy....


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