Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tenkar's Tavern Mid-Week Roundup for Thursday, April 28, 2016

What is the mid-week roundup?

It is events and interesting posts from our corner of the OSR. Could be links to previous posts here at The Tavern or from other blogs in my "I read their blogs" circle or other stuff that strikes my fancy. Just call me "Mr. Fancypants"

Probably the biggest news and biggest scare around the OSR this past week was Chuck Wright's hospitalization and amputation of his lower leg. You can read more about it on this Tavern post, as well as where to make a donation and the gift pool that has been donated to reward donors to the cause. If can give, please do.

Matt Jackson
Of course, we can't forget the Savage Worlds: Rifts Kickstarter (where I leave off the "®" because I can, for shit's and giggles). Less than 48 hours into funding and it's sitting at $176,501 in pledges. The Most Unread Blog on the Internet has a peek at the Savage Worlds: Rifts Player's Guide. First impressions look pretty good. Of course, I'm already in for the core books in print. What can I say, I'm a Rifts player from the early 90s. Never did run a session - had too much fun running suicidal Crazies to get distracted by GMing or some such nonsense ;)

I love the subtle use of colors on +matt jackson 's maps, and this week's pick is no exception. So, who has the app or program that turns the unskilled into master mappers? Seriously, Matt and Dyson are mappers to watch, and I do.
Dyson Logos
Speaking of Dyson, +Dyson Logos ' map of the week, Behomoth Lookout, is a stunner. Somehow it makes me think of Game of Thrones, but that's probably because the latest season kicked of this past Sunday and it's fresh on my mind. I just love the way this castle is set up and the moat is perfect. Yeah, I can see this castle getting use in one of my sessions.

+Tim Shorts over at the Gothridge Manor has an interesting article on Developing a Plan on the Go. Even more interesting to me as I see some of the thinking that went on when Tim and the rest of the "B Team" playtested some StarSlinger for me. It's a "thinking" article, which doesn't seem to apply so much to the "A Team". Their motto seems to be "consequences, schmonsequences - as long as I'm rich" ;)

That's all for this week. Well, all for this week's roundup. More posts to come later today...

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  1. Also something I hadn't seen a lot of mention was that Dyson Logos maps were on Boing Boing yesterday.


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