Thursday, May 29, 2014

Talking About Free, Stripped Down but Functional RPGs - Savage Worlds Test Drive

I have a confession to make - I've only played Savage Worlds once, and I still managed to get my character killed. That being said, it's a lot like GURPS without the math and using polyhedrals instead of just d6s.

What makes the Savage Worlds Test Drive rules "functional" as a full if basic RPG? Advancement rules and basic spells for casters. Yep. Not bad for 16 pages.

And if you go the main SW products site and hit the sidebar on the right, there are some free "one-sheet" adventures, a Free RPG Day Adventure (includes the Test Drive rules) and some other free loot.


  1. I enjoy SW quite a bit. It has a nice Old School, rules lite, "create a character in 15 minutes and go" sensibility in a nice generic package.

  2. LOL I love both GURPS and Savage Worlds but saying SW is a lot like GURPS is sort of like saying that the Moon Lander is a lot like the Starship Enterprise, except without the warp drive nacelles and phasers =)

    1. well, they both cover multi-genres ;)

      admittedly, SW is a bit easier on the brain...

    2. And even better, you can use SW with any GURPS setting supplement, no problem.

  3. Yeah, absolutely SW has the best bang for your buck in this hobby. $10 for a full-color professionally illustrated and edited fully functioning multigenre rules system.

  4. six-siders ARE polyhedral.

    Have the Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG, which includes Savage Worlds rules. Somehow could not manage to get thru it. Wasn't crazy about the "bennies" or assigning dice to different abilities.

  5. I found Savage Worlds accidently through my OSR buddies and now own some books and am running it at Gencon this year. Good stuff.


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