Thursday, May 29, 2014

North Texas RPG Con Kicks Off in a Week - What, Me Worry?

Lets see:

My son turns 21 tomorrow, May 30th.

The Tavern turns 5 on Saturday, May 31st (we don't count the aimless post from 2008)

My wife and I arrive in the Lone Stat State on Wednesday, June 4th.

It's my first gaming con is 20 years (my last was Gen Con in Milwaukee)

It will be my wife's first gaming con (and if I dont run a session with her prior, the con will be only her second time roleplaying - work has been a killer and interfered with those plans  - hopefully loose ends at work will be tied off before I go end of tour tomorrow and start my vacation).

Talk about interesting times ;)


  1. Looking forward to meeting you and having you and your wife at my gaming table. The Time Corps awaits your recruitment!

  2. I'll be scarce for most of the con since we've got a new baby arriving on Tuesday. But when I am there, I'll try to look you up.

  3. I arrive Tuesday Morning in Texas to prepare the way for you. Look forward to listening to you pontificate in person :)

  4. Ahh don't worry. I'm sure your beer fridge will be well guarded.


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