Friday, May 30, 2014

I Just Remembered The Tavern Turns 5 Years Old Tomorrow

I almost forgot that tomorrow marks the 5th anniversary of Tenkar's Tavern. Five years. I literally almost forgot - yes, it has been that kind of a week.

I plan to announce the winners of the 2nd round of the OSR Superstar Competition tomorrow. I would have announced them earlier this week, but the week did not cooperate. The final round will probably kick off this weekend, with those that made the finals having until the end of June to get their entries in.

Still, I totally forgot to plan anything for the 5th anniversary. If this was my wedding anniversary, my ass would be grass. Actually, if it was wedding anniversary, I'd have the pub glasses to remind me of the date. Maybe I need to put The Tavern's anniversary date on the beer steins.

In large part, I owe this blog to my wife, who encouraged me to not only write about my gaming thoughts and ideas, but to also get back to actively gaming. I've heard the horror stories of non-gaming spouses who do their best to discourage their other half's from gaming. In my wife, I've found a supporter (NTRPG Con here we come!)

I'll figure out some special post / something something for the 5th anniversary of The Tavern. It's not like I can give you all flowers and chocolates ;)


  1. Always plan important anniversaries on trash day. That way, you'll never forget them. I acually had both my kids born by c section on trash day so I'd never forget. And I got married on trash day. Also, I picked my wife from the 1/7th of the eligible women I knew based on her being born on trash day.

    I'm never moving. Ever.

  2. Happy anniversary!

    My wife is gaming...agnostic? She only cares if it interferes with her plans. And she's cautiously supportive of Secrets because it made money, which she's a big fan of. So I can basically do what I want.

    1. Looking forward to the Round 2 announcements too; should be some great ideas in there.

  3. Wood's the traditional gift for a fifth anniversary, and that already sounds way more obscene than I intended; Grats! :)

  4. Happy Blog Anniversary and many happy returns!

  5. Congratulations & Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary and thanks Mrs. Tenkar!


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