Friday, May 30, 2014

My Son Turns 21 and other Exciting Moments From Today

I'm in pain. No, not that normal I just banged by knee and holy shit that's painful type of pain. No, the type of pain that happens when you mix beer with shots. I'm a lightweight these days, if not in size than in ability to booze it up. My wife and I took my son out to the neighborhood pub for his 21st birthday and I'm feeling the effects.

Skittle Bomb? Never heard of it, but the bartender started my son off with one. He had a nice, rosy glow before we left. Actually, my wife ended the night with the same, she liked it too. For me, it was Harp and Captain Morgan.

Yeah, like I said, still feeling it.

I'm also officially on vacation until the 9th of June, and i feel like I have left behind burning piles of poo
at work. Nothing I have control over, but I hate leaving my staff with burning piles of poo. I get this feeling of guilt that I won't be there warding off the bad shit. Than I remember who my staff actually is, and I figure they'l cope.

My detectives know all about my gaming hobby and the fact that my wife and I are going to NTRPG Con week. The ribbing has been gentle, if not consistent. I guess it makes it just a tad easier leaving them with burning piles of poop ;)

So, I had this really, thought provoking gaming related post that I worked out on my dive home from work, but promptly passed out in bed with the infamous "Ashley the Cat" for 2 hours while waiting for Rachel to get back from work. Now, after an evening of food, drinks, cake and more drinks, all I have left is the fading memory of the awesome post that almost was.

Ah shit,

There is always tomorrow...


  1. Happy Birthday to your son. Have a great vacation. We are just nearing the end of ours. Goes so flippin' fast. Cheers and boogie boogie.

  2. Sounds painful...for your liver. Best to stay with Harp and Captain Morgan. Never does you wrong!

    Happy Birthday to your son and enjoy your vacation!

  3. Ha - my stepdaughter turned 21 not too long ago - still surreal to pop open a beer with her - and yup old and lightweight here, too....

  4. Ah. Absolut. Good stuff. Swedish stuff. Bad for head the next day...:)
    21 years old huh? Congrats then, to him and to you, as a proud father. It will be some time before my kids reach that age, but I can see it coming. Our parties is still soda pop, though...


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