Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pick a Class, Any Class

Tomorrow will be my first time playing ACKS as a player, not a DM.

I tend to go with clerics or multi classed fighter / clerics the few times I get to play. Generally speaking, I like to get my hands dirty and have the option to cast spells too.

This time around, I'm playing a Nobiran Wonderworker, which is pretty much a Magic-User / Cleric hybrid class that can't turn undead but can lay hands.

Very squishy, no armor and 1d4 hit points per level.

I'm going to need to change my mindset a bit it think ;)

Hmmm... I may need to bring along a meatshield / torchbearer to keep me alive... heh

So, what class do you tend to default to, if any?


  1. Fighter as my first option (because I like my characters to get in the thick of the action), closely followed by thief/rogue (as sometimes I prefer to be a bit sneaky).

  2. These days, Fighters. Pure and simple.

  3. I've always been a DM rather than a player, but I like clerics.

  4. In ACKS, Dwarven Craftpriest - Dwarf, Cleric, and a wicked +3 bonus to all proficiencies. Mind you, in our sandbox, it all comes down to what your stat rolls qualify you for, and our online dice roller has a cruel streak (so many characters in our campaign being run with five mediocre stats and one crippler...).

  5. Cleric for sure, with the monk as close second. Two very different classes to be sure. I suppose the cleric has the appeal of the spiritual-supernatural and the monk that of the physical-supernatural.

  6. Fighters. I like kicking butt in a melee, and I also find that the lack of things like spells to worry about gives me more time to think of creative yet mundane solutions to problems.

  7. Fighter usually. When I'm GMing, I like to make clever plots, mysteries, and puzzles, but when I'm a player I just want to hit things.

  8. Anything different to what's going on is usually fun. Half-Orc Wizard, Dwarf Barbarian, Gnome Druid...


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